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Construction Invoice Template

Optimize your construction business's financial operations with the convenience of our easy-to-use construction invoice template, designed for efficiency. Download it now.

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A construction invoice template is a standardized bill used by construction companies to request payments from clients. It itemizes the goods, services, and tools used in a project and helps ensure transparency in pricing.

What Information Needs to be Included on a Construction Invoice?

A construction invoice is essential for charging clients for labor, supplies, and other services rendered on building projects.

Here is a detailed list of the data you need to include while preparing a construction invoice

  1. Name of the project 
  2. Name of the client
  3. Name of the contractor
  4. Goods/services charged for
  5. Invoice date and number
  6. Total amount due
  7. Payment terms and conditions
  8. Cost remaining
  9. Taxes
  10. Subtotal
  11. Signature

What are the Typical Line Items Included on a Construction Invoice?

A construction invoice has several line items that show the various components of a construction project and the related expenses. The following is a description of typical billable items that you might see on a construction invoice.


These are the expenses related to essential construction materials like plumbing fixtures, electrical components, steel, concrete, and wood utilized in the project. Each material’s description, quantity, unit pricing, and total cost are listed on the invoice.


This captures the labor costs associated with tasks like plumbing fixtures, wires, steel, concrete, and wood used in the project. The invoice lists what each item is, how many there are, how much each cost, and the total.

Equipment Rental

This line item outlines the rental fees for any specialized machinery or equipment that is rented for the project. It provides descriptions of the equipment, the cost, the length of the rental, and the rental rates.

Subcontractors Fees

This line item captures the costs of specialized tasks outsourced to subcontractors. It details the specific job done, the quantity, the rate, and the cumulative expense.


This section includes the costs related to obtaining necessary permits and licenses and ensuring compliance with local regulations. It lists each permit and its associated cost.


A construction invoice also includes region-specific tax details applied to the construction project.

How Do I Make a Construction Invoice?

To create a construction invoice, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Add names and addresses for your clients and your businesses
  • Invoice number
  • Determine your invoice and due date
  • Record and calculate the cost of your supplies
  • Calculate the cost of your labor
  • Any discounts given to the client should be entered
  • Include  a note summarizing your work and including any extra information

What are the Benefits of Using a Google Sheets Template?

Using a Google Sheets template can greatly increase your productivity, assure consistency across numerous jobs and projects, and improve data accuracy. Whether you’re overseeing finances, monitoring inventories, analyzing data, or collaborating with a team, templates provide a streamlined and efficient approach. 

The main benefits of utilizing a pre-made Google Sheets template include:

Time Savings

Spreadsheet templates save you time and effort because they are pre-designed with predetermined layouts and calculations.

Ensures Consistency

Templates standardize data presentation, reducing errors and ensuring consistency, especially when multiple collaborators are involved.

Includes all Necessary Fields

Professionally created templates are usually thorough and include all necessary fields and calculations pertinent to the task or project.

Allows For Easy Customization

Google Sheets not only provides you with a well-organized template but you can use them to suit your unique requirements. For example, you can add or delete fields, change the formatting, and alter the calculations.