How Coefficient Streamlined Sales and Revenue Operations at Jebbit

Jebbit is a pioneering platform in the zero-party data industry, enabling interactive experiences to gather high-quality, consumer-driven data.

  1. Jebbit grappled with the limitations of CRM software, leading to reliance on spreadsheets without real-time or historical data capabilities.
  2. The manual sales commission tracking system was unscalable, hindering transparency and consuming excessive time.
  3. Jebbit faced challenges in providing unified SalesOps and RevOps reporting due to data segregation and manual spreadsheet updating.
  1. Coefficient provided Jebbit with an automated, transparent sales commission system, eliminating hours of manual work.
  2. Jebbit's sales team gained real-time insights and a comprehensive view of their commissions, fostering better decision-making.
  3. Coefficient's support for historical Salesforce data enabled Jebbit to craft more accurate sales forecasts and respond promptly to leadership requests.

Jebbit faced challenges with its CRM software and manual sales commission tracking. They needed an automated solution that could provide real-time data insights.

Coefficient allowed them to not only streamline their sales commission process but also achieve more accurate sales forecasting and heightened transparency.

The Challenge: Time-Intensive Manual Sales Reporting

Before Coefficient, Jebbit frequently ran into the inherent limitations of CRM software, particularly Salesforce. That’s why the team operated mainly in spreadsheets. 

But even in Google Sheets, Jebbit could not combine disparate data for sales reports, access live data, and create historical reports. These shortcomings made it difficult to provide unified SalesOps and RevOps reporting, and required many hours of manually updating and combining spreadsheets. 

Jebbit’s ineffective sales commission tracker was one of the company’s biggest issues. The sales commission tracker was run by a third party vendor. When Jebbit received $70 million in new funding, the need to scale rapidly meant the company had to overhaul the commission tracker, and fast.      

“Our process for calculating commissions was extremely manual,” said Rachel Golden, VP of Finance at Jebbit. “It worked while we had a small team, but it wasn’t scalable. Our sales people had no visibility into commission payouts. We needed a system where our sales team could see the whole picture, from the total deals they booked, to the percentage of quota achieved, to the commissions they won.”

That’s why Jebbit turned to Coefficient.    

The Solution:  Powering Sales Insights with Live Data in Sheets

Jebbit searched for a solution that could integrate Google Sheets with live data, while also offering a support component that could build out a new sales commission tracker. No solutions seemed to offer this, until Jebbit found Coefficient. The Jebbit team instantly knew they had discovered the right option.  

There weren’t any competitors at all,” said Shelly Griffin, VP, Mid Market/SMB Customers at Jebbit. “That was apparent very quickly.” 

Jebbit worked with Frank Ferris, Coefficient’s Templates Program Manager, to scope a new sales commission tracker. Coefficient frequently builds robust Google Sheets templates for similar use cases. In this instance, Jebbit leveraged our templates team to do the new sales commission template for them. 

“Coefficient researched our current sales commissions process, the limitations, and the desired outcome,” said Rachel Golden. “Frank worked with us each step of the way to build a custom sales commission tracker template that captured our use case. This introduced total transparency for our sales team.” 

The new template contained pre-built sales commission dashboards and reports, based on Jebbit’s specifications, and our own experience working with other sales teams. The template imported Jebbit’s real-time Salesforce and QuickBooks data. The result was a single spreadsheet containing all the sales commission visualizations and analytics a salesperson at the company could ever need.  

Now any Jebbit sales rep can view this custom Google Sheets template to gain live insights into their sales commissions. For the first time, sales reps can see what they’re getting paid, quota achieved, commission rate, and much more, from the comfort of Google Sheets. The template was a huge improvement over the previous commission tracker run by the third party vendor.    

“What we lacked with the third party vendor was the ability to see the whole picture. Our sales people could not see their commissions. Small changes such as doubling commissions for MQLs were not easily adjustable. The commission template Coefficient built for us changed everything. Coefficient addressed all of our business challenges, including the nuances, in a single template.”

But the impact Coefficient had on Jebbit went far beyond the sales commission template. With Coefficient, Jebbit could now import real-time data from any system into Google Sheets, build live sales dashboards to share with executives, and centralize reporting in a single spreadsheet. Coefficient’s support for historical Salesforce data also allowed Jebbit to create more accurate sales forecasts.

“Coefficient’s live data, historic reporting, and ability to make the pipeline visible has been a tremendous help to us,” said Shelly Griffin. “Especially with regard to leadership requests and forecasting accurately. Salesforce is not the greatest at historical reporting. But seeing how a pipeline has changed week-over-week is super easy to do in Coefficient.”

The Result: A transparent and Highly-Efficient Sales Team

Coefficient streamlined Jebbit’s sales and revenue operations, creating a more efficient, responsive sales pipeline. From fixing the sales commission process, to eliminating manual work, Coefficient empowered Jebbit’s sales team to sell more, earn more, and thrive in a transparent process.  

“Coefficient saved us hours upon hours of work,” said Rachel Golden. “There’s no manual back-and-forth with salespeople about commissions anymore. But we haven’t just saved tons of time. We’ve also been able to offer our team better data and more transparency. So the combination of superior data for our team, and using much less time to produce it, is very impressive.”  

Jebbit needed Coefficient’s technology in more ways than one. But the support of Coefficient’s team truly went above-and-beyond the company’s expectations. In fact, Coefficient’s effort to build a new, custom sales commission template just for Jebbit almost seemed to be too good to be true.      

“There were honestly times I went back and looked at our contract, and I was like, how much are we paying for Coefficient?” said Rachel Golden. “We were just getting so much individualized attention. So, again, I can’t recommend Coefficient enough.”

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