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Become a Coefficient Affiliate

Introduce your network to live data in Sheets and get 20% referral share for the first year from each sale. Affiliates can be individuals or agencies.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

Coefficient solves spreadsheet problems we've all come to terms on living with — like stale data in Sheets. Introduce Connected Spreadsheets to your network and set them up to success with the ability to automate and integrate live data into their sheets.
It takes only a few minutes to provide your information. You’ll receive an invite email to Rewardful, our affiliate tracking platform, if approved.
Grab Your Link
Once you receive your invite email, sign up to Rewardful and grab your referral link in your personal affiliate dashboard.
Start Referring
Share personally in Slack communities, via email, or with a wide audience across your social channels. Build an additional source of revenue.

Spreadsheet-as-a-Hub, Seamlessly Connected and Secure

One click connectors

Connect Google Sheets to your company systems, business apps, and organizational data sources with our one-click connectors.

2-Way Sync

Automatically bulk export data from Sheets into your source systems with Coefficient’s 2-way syncing capability.

Automatic Data Refreshes

Always work with live data. Schedule data updates hourly, daily, or weekly, or automatically refresh data in a single click.


Coefficient automatically duplicates a copy of your current Sheet before data refreshes so you can preserve historical data.

Slack & Email Monitoring

Trigger Slack and email alerts when cells change values or conditions, notifying chosen recipients instantly when key data changes.

Team notifications

Automatically deliver team notifications via Slack and email. Send daily or weekly digests of changes, so your team can monitor critical reports & KPIs seamlessly.


We’re offering 20% of a referred customer’s first year’s subscription to our affiliates. Learn more about our terms and conditions – there is a TL;DR section that makes things simple.

Coefficient processes affiliate payouts on a monthly basis via PayPal. You will include your PayPal information upon signing up for Rewardful.

Affiliates are issued a unique code to place on the backend of any URL. You can use your affiliate links across any channels, excluding paid advertising.

Our tracking cookies last 90 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your referral link, you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a free trial within 90 days. If the user becomes a paying customer within the first year, you will earn a commission.

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