How Velocity Global Sidesteps Looker Bottlenecks with Coefficient

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"The thought of introducing a new, non-native tool or interface into our tech stack wasn't something I was particularly keen on. I thought it would be fantastic if we could have this connectivity right within Google Sheets."

Elliot Evins

Senior Strategy & Planning Analyst, Velocity Global


Velocity Global needed a way for its business teams to easily access and utilize Snowflake data. Both the Operations and Finance teams live and breathe spreadsheets, so they wanted a native way to connect their data to their existing workstreams. 

After discovering Coefficient, the Operations team realized it was the perfect fit. Not only could it connect to Snowflake and query data from Google Sheets, but it could also integrate with Salesforce and the other SaaS applications they used. 

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"Working with Coefficient has been a net positive for our teams. They have solved many of the data headaches we’ve had since we connected" Elliot Evins from the Strategy, Planning & Ops team

The Challenge

Despite the successful implementation of a modern data stack, Velocity Global’s operations team spent unnecessary cycles accessing the data they needed when they needed it.

The Solution

The team turned to Coefficient to serve as a bridge, alleviating a bottleneck in Velocity Global data stack ahead of the presentation layer. This allowed their business teams to manage ad hoc SQL-heavy tasks with ease.

The Result

The connected spreadsheet: flexible, scalable, and fully-governed. 

Velocity Global uses Coefficient to automatically update data sets in real-time, streamline interdepartmental collaboration with Slack notifications, and even re-create dashboards with enhanced drill-down functionality – all within their native spreadsheets.

Velocity Global, an employer of record service, is undergoing a digital transformation to help foster a data-driven culture.

While centralizing their data in Snowflake was a start, the challenge was making it accessible for teams to operationalize.

The team turned to Coefficient.

Interview Highlights

  • “We told the data team, ‘You guys are juggling it all: ETL, organizing, and running the BI tool… Let us ease some of that burden by using Coefficient to tackle the small gaps with solutions, so you’re not swamped with ticket after ticket.'”
  • “We found the best solution for our Operations and Finance partners. With Coefficient, they can continue to use their preferred spreadsheets, including Google Sheets and Excel.“ 
  • “We turned to Coefficient to act as a bridge. It opens up a bottleneck in our data stack ahead of our BI tool.”
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