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“A very helpful and powerful app that automates moving data from Salesforce to Sheets. If you have to manipulate Salesforce data in a spreadsheet, this app will save you a lot of time and effort. You can schedule extracts and filter extract data based on dynamic variables (i.e. put forecast data from the west coast into the sheet). Highly recommended!”

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“Extremely helpful tool. Lets you get data from multiple sources like SQL, CSV crons and create personal and team dashboards the way you want. No waiting for the tech/data team to create and rework on dashboards. Not only saves management time but also time of the data teams.”

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“Fantastic app for any organization pulling data from SFDC into Google sheets. Scheduled updates, dynamic filtering, and the ability to add/remove columns from reports without impacting formulas saves a ton of time. Sleek UI and consistent updates to data source integrations make this a great tool that’s applicable to many parts of the business. Highly recommend!”

Coefficient is the next step in spreadsheet evolution. It takes a tool everyone is familiar with and combines it with the power of a database. The end result for our data and business teams has been faster, better, and more accurate analysis by everyone – especially those that can’t code!

Evan Cover
BI Manager, Klaviyo