How Mutiny Automated Reporting and Found Peace of Mind with Coefficient

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“Coefficient gives me peace of mind. It allows us to confidently report across the org from BizOps to Finance, Revenue, and our C-Suite.”

Brian Chalif

Head of BizOps


Mutiny’s Finance and Business Operations (FBOS) team sought a reliable solution for integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks data into their Google Sheets-based operational model. Their original data connector was prone to failure during basic imports and automations. As a result, the team was spending hours manually pulling data – time better spent on analyses. 

With Coefficient, the team can effortlessly import and combine live data from Mutiny’s business systems to drive better-informed decision-making across the company. The flexibility of Google Sheets combined with live data allows them to set targets, compare actuals vs. targets, and close the month faster than ever. 


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“I never worry about reports being up-to-date and accurate anymore. At this point, after setting it up, Coefficient does most of the heavy lifting." Brian Chalif, Head of BizOps, Mutiny

The Challenge

Reliably connecting up-to-date data across company systems to Google Sheets.

The Solution

One-click data integration of live Salesforce and QuickBooks data into Google Sheets.

The Result

Live, accurate data Mutiny can trust to power reporting and hours saved with automated imports.

Mutiny is a no-code web personalization tool that helps marketers convert top-of-funnel demand into revenue. And it’s on a hot-streak, receiving over $60M of funding and double-digit ARR growth over the years. 

With their expansion, however, came increased data demands. Its previous Google Sheets connector couldn’t handle the pressure, frequently breaking under basic tasks. 

That’s when they turned to Coefficient.

Interview Highlights

  • “We initially turned to Coefficient for live reporting from Salesforce in Sheets. It didn’t take long to discover its power, especially when combining data that doesn’t traditionally reside in Salesforce, like targets.”
  • “Our senior leadership team, including our CEO, CFO, CRO, and CTO, now have a clear, real-time view of our business performance, thanks to Coefficient.”
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