Keeping your data safe and secure is our number one priority.

Data is your most valuable and sensitive asset. That’s why we’ve built our entire platform around protecting it.

Trusted by over 20,000 companies

Here’s how Coefficient keeps your data safe.

In addition to offering advanced security features, Coefficient adheres to all the security protocols of Google and your business systems. From encryption, to data handling, to our backend, here’s how we keep your data safe.

We Don’t Store Your Data

Data imports using our Data Connectors are never stored on our servers. Cloud Datasets require storage—this feature is opt-in only and can be turned off using Admin Controls.

Connect with Google or Microsoft

You don’t need a separate login. Connect to Coefficient with your Google or Microsoft account.

Routine Testing

We perform routine penetration and vulnerability tests against our application and cloud infrastructure.

Encryption Protects Data & Systems

We encrypt all of your credentials end-to-end, including OAuth tokens, API keys, and passwords.

Secure Backend Infrastructure

Coefficient’s backend infrastructure is hosted on AWS. Security groups ensure that components in our VPC are not publicly accessible.

Google & Microsoft Certified

As an official vendor of Google Workspace Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource, we adhere to the listing requirements, program policies, and Developer Agreements.