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How It Works

Coefficient is a sidebar app for Google Sheets. Coefficient connects to any data source, imports live data into Google Sheets, automates spreadsheet workflows, and exports data into your business systems.

✨ Superpowers in Your Spreadsheet


One-Click Connectors

Connect Google Sheets to your company systems, business apps, and organizational data sources with our one-click connectors.

2-Way Sync

Automatically bulk export data from Sheets into your source systems with Coefficient’s 2-way syncing capability.

Align Data from Multiple Systems

Combine your data from multiple systems in Google Sheets. Blend and harmonize your metrics & KPIs to produce powerful new insights.

Cloud Pivot Table

Import only the data you need. Build live pivot tables directly on top of your cloud systems. Keep your spreadsheets clean and performant.

Data Inline Previewer

Visualize tables & columns with Coefficient’s data inline previewer. Pull data from your database or data warehouse using our no-code UI.

Dynamic Filters

Automatically refresh data by changing the value of a cell. Toggle between forecasts and reports easily, and streamline data workflows.


Automatic Data Refreshes

Always work with live data. Schedule data updates hourly, daily, or weekly, or automatically refresh data in a single click.


Coefficient automatically duplicates a copy of your current Sheet before data refreshes so you can preserve historical data.

Formula Fill Down

Automatically copy down formulas as you add new rows of data to avoid constant drag-and-drop replication.

Preserve Formulas

Preserve your formulas with each data import. Feed live data directly into your formulas. Generate fresh results without lifting a finger.


Slack & Email Monitoring

Trigger Slack and email alerts when cells change values or conditions, notifying chosen recipients instantly when key data changes.

Team Notifications

Automatically deliver team notifications via Slack and email. Send daily or weekly digests of changes, so your team can monitor critical reports & KPIs seamlessly.

Shared Connections

Connect your business system to Sheets just once. Everyone on your team can pull data with the same connection, and the same license.

Instant Row Alerts

Act fast on new opportunities. Set up automatic Slack and email alerts to notify your team when a new row is added to a spreadsheet.

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