Customizable Imports

Keep your spreadsheets clean by only working with the data you need. Ensure you get the maximum performance out of your spreadsheet. Import only the fields you need using quick filters.


Import data from your business systems, DBs, data warehouses, Sheets, CSVs


Customize your import to work with only the data you need using quick filters


Add new fields from the same report without creating a new import

Automated Updates

You can now be confident that your data is up to date on the schedule you want, so you’re never working with stale data again. Remove human error and work with confidence knowing your data is accurate. Power your KPI’s with data that is always kept up-to-date.

Up-to-date Data

One-click refresh any time you need the latest data

Scheduled Updates

Schedule updates from the connected system weekly, daily, hourly

Faster Insights

Build once and power your spreadsheets with always-live data


Turn your spreadsheet into a powerful monitoring system. Automatically notify anyone in your organization when critical changes have happened in your business, delivering only the relevant data that has changed.


Triggered Alerts

Choose any set of data to trigger an alert when the data crosses a threshold

New Rows

Stay up-to-date when new records are added to your spreadsheet

Slack & Email

Set up multiple alerts in any spreadsheet to trigger a Slack or email notification to anyone