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  • 3 Data Sources
  • 1 Account / Source
  • 5,000 Row Import Size
  • 50 Import Refreshes/Mo
  • Manual Refresh
  • 100 Row Export Size
  • 50 Export Runs/Mo
  • Manual Exports
  • 30 Alerts/Mo
  • On Sheet AI Functions
  • 10K/Lifetime OpenAI API Calls
  • Help Center Access
  • Email Support
  • Everything in Free
  • 5 Accounts / Source
  • 500 Import Refreshes/Mo
  • Daily Auto Data Refresh
  • Data Snapshots
  • 500 Row Export Size
  • 500 Export Refreshes/Mo
  • Daily Auto Data Exports
  • 100 Alerts/Mo
  • SQL, Chart, & Pivot Builders
  • 50K/Mo OpenAI API Calls
  • Chat, Email Support
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  • Everything in Starter
  • 6 Data Sources
  • 10 Accounts / Source
  • Unlimited Row Import Size
  • 5,000 Import Refreshes/Mo
  • Hourly Auto Data Refresh
  • Unlimited Row Export Size
  • 5,000 Export Refreshes/Mo
  • Hourly Auto Data Exports
  • 300 Alerts/Mo
  • Dynamic Recipients
  • 100K/Mo OpenAI API Calls
  • Multi-User Support (10 users max)
  • Shared Connections
  • Shared Import Templates
  • Priority Chat, Email Support
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  • Everything in Pro
  • Unlimited Import Refreshes
  • Unlimited Export Refreshes
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Admin Controls
  • Custom SSO
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Security Review & MSA
  • Dedicated Chat, Email Support
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1. Click the “Get Started Free” button in the site header and enter your email address.

2. For Google Sheets connectors, click “Install Add-on” in the “Getting Started with Coefficient” spreadsheet. For Excel connectors, click “Get It Now” on the Microsoft AppSource listing.

3. For Google Sheets connectors, open a new or existing spreadsheet and click Extensions > Coefficient > Launch. For Excel connectors, click on your new “Coefficient” tab in your Excel ribbon to get started making your first data pull.

We offer a full-featured 30-day free trial on our Pro plan. At the end of your trial period, you can upgrade to the plan that best fits your needs. If you do not choose a plan, you will automatically enter Coefficient’s free plan.

The Free plan allows you to import data from any one of our available sources into Google Sheets, giving you the ability to eliminate copy-pasting data into Google Sheets. You’ll also have access to 10,000 OpenAI API calls, using GPT Copilot to speed up your workflows. See the additional details below; you can always learn more about our Free plan here.

  • Data imports for up 5,000 rows.
  • Data exports (currently available on Salesforce and SQL connectors) for up to 100 rows.
  • Automations, such as automatic data refreshes and Slack and email alerts, require a paid plan.

We’re so happy to hear. Head over to Plans & Billing in your Workspace and select the plan and customizations that fit your needs. Welcome aboard!

The security of our customers’ data is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve built our product with robust security requirements to safeguard your data. In addition to offering advanced security features, Coefficient adheres to all the security protocols of Google. Visit our Data Security page to learn more.

Our Starter plan is for individual users. Organizations with more than one user must join our Pro plan.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. You can make changes to your plan type and add/remove users in our billing console.

We offer the following discounts:

  • Discounted pricing for non-profits
  • Up to 50% off for the first year for startupssee if you qualify
  • 17% discount for paying upfront annually
  • Volume discounts for our Enterprise plan

Contact us at to learn more.

We accept all major credit cards. For enterprise plans, we also accept other forms of payment, such as ACH and wire. For questions or help with payment, reach out to

Yes, they can access data in your spreadsheets if you’ve provided them with an accessible share link. However, your unlicensed teammates will not have the ability to edit your imports or schedule automated refreshes.

Yes, you have two options for installing Coefficient’s Excel Add-In: you can install it either through the Excel for Web interface or via your Excel for Desktop version.

Coefficient for Excel supports data imports for all connectors, except Tableau. Some features are still coming soon for Coefficient for Excel, such as Alerts, Writebacks, and GPT Copilot.

Coefficient is the next step in spreadsheet evolution. It takes a tool everyone is familiar with and combines it with the power of a database. The end result for our data and business teams has been faster, better, and more accurate analysis by everyone – especially those that can’t code!”
Evan Cover Director, BI Engineering and Governance, Klaviyo