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Formula for ARR

ARR = Total Number of Annual Paying Customers × Average Annual Revenue Per User (AARPU)

Metrics Needed to calculate ARR

  • Total Number of Annual Paying Customers
  • Average Annual Revenue Per User (AARPU)
  • Ownership:
    • Total Number of Annual Paying Customers is typically managed by the Sales team or Revops team.
    • AARPU is often overseen by the Finance team in collaboration with Sales and Marketing.

What is ARR?

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is the yearly revenue generated from all active subscriptions or contracts. It’s a key financial metric in SaaS businesses, indicating the total predictable and recurring revenue from customers annually.

Why is ARR Important?

ARR is crucial for assessing long-term financial health and growth potential. It’s instrumental for SaaS companies in budget planning, forecasting future revenue, and evaluating the business’s stability and scalability.

Calculating ARR Example with Numbers:

For instance, if a SaaS company has 150 customers, each with an average annual subscription of $1,500, the ARR would be: ARR = 150 \times $1,500 = $225,000

How to Improve ARR:

  • Enhance Customer Retention: Implement strategies to reduce churn rate.
  • Upsell and Cross-sell: Introduce additional services or premium features to current customers.
  • Expand Customer Base: Employ marketing strategies to attract new customers.
  • Adjust Pricing: Revisit pricing strategies to ensure they reflect the value and market position of the product.
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