Top PostgreSQL Migration Tools

Published: May 24, 2024 - 4 min read

Julian Alvarado

Are you planning a PostgreSQL migration and feeling overwhelmed by the array of tools available? With options like pgloader, pg_dump, pg_restore, and ora2pg, it can be challenging to determine which PostgreSQL migration tool best fits your needs. In this quick overview, we’ll dive into these essential utilities, exploring their strengths, use cases, and key features to help you make an informed decision for your next database migration project.

In-Depth Look at Key PostgreSQL Migration Tools


pgloader is a powerful and flexible PostgreSQL migration tool that excels at rapidly loading data into PostgreSQL databases. Its transaction-based approach ensures data integrity, making it an ideal choice for migrating large datasets. pgloader supports an impressive range of source formats, including CSV, fixed-width text, dBase3 files, and even direct migrations from other databases like MySQL, SQLite, and MS SQL Server.

Key Features:

  • High-speed data loading with transaction support
  • Handles a wide variety of source data formats
  • Automatic schema discovery and type casting
  • Parallelization for improved performance


  • Efficient handling of large datasets
  • Versatile input format support
  • Maintains data integrity through transactions


  • May require some setup and configuration
  • Documentation can be complex for beginners


When it comes to reliable data backups, pg_dump is a go-to PostgreSQL tool. This utility allows you to create a consistent snapshot of your PostgreSQL database at a specific point in time. With pg_dump, you can selectively back up specific tables, schemas, or even entire databases. It offers flexibility through custom filter options and supports various output formats, including plain-text SQL script, tar archive, and custom-format archive.

Key Features:

  • Consistent database snapshots
  • Selective backup of tables, schemas, or databases
  • Multiple output formats (SQL, tar, custom)
  • Customizable filters for fine-grained control


  • Reliable and consistent backups
  • Flexibility in selecting backup targets
  • Supports various output formats


  • Can be slower compared to other tools
  • Requires careful management of backup files


Complementing pg_dump is pg_restore, a powerful utility for restoring PostgreSQL databases from backup files created by pg_dump. pg_restore is particularly useful in disaster recovery scenarios, allowing you to quickly restore your database to a previous state. It offers granular control over the restoration process, enabling you to selectively restore specific objects or even reorder the restoration sequence.

Key Features:

  • Restores databases from pg_dump backups
  • Selective object restoration
  • Ability to reorder restoration sequence
  • Supports parallel restoration for faster recovery


  • Simplifies the restoration process
  • Granular control over restored objects
  • Speeds up recovery with parallel restoration


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  • Requires compatible backup files from pg_dump
  • May need careful planning for complex restorations


For those migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL, ora2pg is a specialized tool that simplifies the process. It automates the conversion of Oracle database schema and data to PostgreSQL-compatible format. ora2pg handles complex data types, constraints, indexes, and even stored procedures, making it a comprehensive solution for Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations.

Key Features:

  • Automated Oracle to PostgreSQL migration
  • Converts schema, data, constraints, indexes, and procedures
  • Customizable configuration for migration settings
  • Generates migration reports for analysis


  • Simplifies Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations
  • Handles complex Oracle-specific features
  • Provides detailed migration reports


  • Limited to Oracle and PostgreSQL databases
  • May require manual adjustments for certain edge cases

Comparing PostgreSQL Migration Tools

Data Loading
Database Backup
Database Restoration
Oracle to PostgreSQL
Transaction Support
Parallel Processing
Selective Object Handling
Multiple Output Formats

As you can see, each PostgreSQL migration tool has its own strengths and specialties. pgloader excels at fast data loading with transaction support, while pg_dump is the choice for reliable database backups. pg_restore simplifies the restoration process, and ora2pg is purpose-built for Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations.


Selecting the right PostgreSQL migration tool is crucial for a smooth and successful database migration. By understanding the capabilities and use cases of pgloader, pg_dump, pg_restore, and ora2pg, you can make an informed decision based on your specific migration requirements. Whether you prioritize speed, reliability, selectivity, or compatibility, these tools have you covered.

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