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Enable your company to move fast by securely connecting Google Sheets or Excel to governed, source of truth data in your data warehouse and BI tools.
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Unlock the power of your data by
connecting spreadsheets directly to your systems.


Give teams access, but maintain control

  • Provide business users with source-of-truth data directly from your data warehouse or database

  • Manage granular access controls to ensure data security while promoting self-serve analytics

  • Keep data secure with OAuth controls and SOCII compliance

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“Not only could my data team design and optimize solutions, but I could lead the team to strategize with controlled confidence.”

Alexander Bugajski, GTM Strategy @ Miro


Move faster by making data more accessible

  • Empower business users to do self-serve analysis with up-to-date data

  • Curate datasets for your business teams so they can safely work with the right data

  • Allow teams to quickly measure and iterate on new ideas and projects

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“We had to move fast, iterate, and ensure data from our warehouse was accessible for non-technical users.”

Evan Cover, Director, BI Engineering and Governance @ Klaviyo


Build a data-driven culture

  • Create and save unique imports so your stakeholders can access the data they need

  • Empower self-service reporting with pre-built, customizable dashboard templates

  • Equip non-technical users with a no-code UI for ad hoc requests

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“Great way to share data quickly and allow end users to refresh the data at their convenience.”

Eric Leonard, Analytics Manager @


All your data, when and where you need it

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Data leaders trust Coefficient

“With Coefficient, our spreadsheets became true powerhouses of functionality. Not only could I design and optimize solutions, but I also could manage analytics, data modeling, hygiene reporting, and error checks with more scalability than ever before in Salesforce or Snowflake.”

Alexander Bugajski

Head of Go-to-Market Strategy

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