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Salesforce KPI Dashboards: Download Free Google Sheets Templates

By Frank Ferris

SalesOps managers have enough on their plate. Between mountains of reporting, ad hoc requests, and all of their other duties, the last thing SalesOps managers want is to build another spreadsheet dashboard.

Between defining the right KPIs, creating the visualizations, and updating the data, dashboards are time-consuming and resource-draining for any busy SalesOps manager.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the hard work off your plate. With our free Google Sheets templates, you can download our pre-built Salesforce dashboards to leverage for your own sales use cases.

Our Google Sheets templates connect to your real-time Salesforce CRM data, so you can share up-to-date spreadsheet dashboards with your entire team.

Here’s are four free Salesforce KPI dashboards you can download right now for Google Sheets, courtesy of Coefficient.

Coefficient’s Google Sheets Dashboards: We’ve Done the Work for You

Our free Google Sheets templates combine our deep knowledge of sales teams with our spreadsheet expertise and the power of the Coefficient app.

In our work with hundreds of different sales teams, we’ve gained a broad understanding of the best sales KPIs, popular sales use cases, and dashboards that sales teams currently employ. We’ve harnessed this knowledge of sales best-practices to create our free Google Sheets sales dashboards.

We’ve also leveraged our own spreadsheet expertise and the capabilities of the Coefficient product to create our Salesforce KPI dashboards. Our in-house team of spreadsheet experts constructed the dashboards, powered with real-time sales data via Coefficient’s Salesforce data connector.

Pipeline Creation Dashboard

Achieve full visibility into pipeline creation across your sales teams with our Pipeline Creation Dashboard for Google Sheets. Our pre-built dashboard visualizes pipeline generation metrics so you can track how well your team is creating opportunities.

Monitor pipeline creation by opportunity type, industry, deal stage, and source. Gain quick access to win rate, opportunities created, closed won/lost deals. Segment the Pipeline Creation Dashboard by team or by sales rep to adjust sales tactics so your team can close more deals.

Then the dashboard will instantly populate with your Salesforce data. And the best part: the data automatically updates in your spreadsheet, so you won’t have to continuously copy-paste to refresh the dashboard.

Over 6,000 Salesforce pros automate Salesforce data into Google Sheets with Coefficient

This is a great tool! I’ve been able to cover forecasting infrastructure gaps and will continue to leverage Coefficient to join disparate data.”

John Choi

Download Pipeline Creation Dashboard for Salesforce

Team Leaderboard Dashboard

Our Team Leaderboard Dashboard for Google Sheets encourages healthy competition among your team. The dashboard visualizes revenue, opportunities created, win rate, and much more, across time periods and opportunity types. You can also segment the dashboard by team or by sales rep.

The dashboard shows, in a bold, colorful display, who has the highest win rate, the best pipeline creation stats, and the shortest opportunity lifecycles. You can also keep track of sales activity performance with the dashboard, such as meetings booked, emails sent to prospects, calls made, and more.

Download Team Leaderboard Dashboard for Salesforce

Sales Performance Dashboard

Our Sales Performance Dashboard allows sales leaders to compare YOY sales performance by industry, region, and account. The dashboard visualizes critical sales metrics, including total sales by year, quarter, month, and week. You can toggle the dashboard to display data for specific years, teams, countries, and opportunities.

Utilize a high-level overview of monthly sales by deal type — including new business, existing business, and expansion. Keep track of your top five accounts. And view the largest deals closed in a pre-designed report, including deal name, account name, amount, close date, and owner.

Download Sales Performance Dashboard for Salesforce

Win Loss Analysis Template

Our Win Loss Analysis Dashboard contains all the metrics and visualizations you need to perform an effective win/loss analysis.

Dashboards within the template can be customized with a toggle menu at the top of the Sheet. Filter dashboards based on Time Period, Time Units, Team/Manager, Sales Rep, and Opportunity Type.

Keep track of key metrics such as won/lost by revenue and volume, win rate, and wins by customer stage with high-level charts. View contrasting visualizations of opp amounts/counts won and lost. Break down win rates by reps, teams, opp size, opp age, lead source, and more.

Get a comprehensive report of lost opportunities, including opp owners, age, amount, and reason lost. And the dashboards are always up-to-date — the template automatically updates your Salesforce data.

Download Win Loss Analysis Dashboard for Salesforce

Free Salesforce KPI Dashboards for Google Sheets

The free Google Sheets templates discussed above will allow you to launch Salesforce KPI dashboards for critical sales use cases directly inside your spreadsheet.

Sit back, relax, and launch these dashboards in a single click, so you can spend your time on more important tasks!

See all of our available Salesforce dashboards in our Templates Gallery

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