Win-Loss Analysis Template for Google Sheets

Track win conversion rates by team, individual, industry, region, deal size, and more, with our pre-built Google Sheets dashboards.Powered by YOUR live data.

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Salesforce Win-Loss Analysis Template

Maximize Wins. Cut Losses. Accelerate Revenue.

Coefficient’s Win-Loss Template empowers sales professionals to monitor conversion rates across all sales units and reps using a centralized, pre-built Salesforce dashboard in Google Sheets. Accelerate revenue growth by reinvesting in winning initiatives, and cutting losing strategies quickly. Launch our free Win-Loss Template in one click.

  • Pinpoint how company, team, and individual win rates fluctuate over time.
  • Identify performance trends early to double-down on wins or adjust strategy where you have lower win rates.
  • Generate a clean list of recently lost opportunities and why they failed.
  • Receive a Slack or email alert every time a new deal is lost.

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