Sales Performance Dashboard: Top 5 Metrics

Last Modified: March 13, 2023 - 6 min read

Hannah Recker

In today’s data saturated companies, sales team performance is multi-layered, and requires many different metrics to track. The challenge is not simply collecting the data, but also knowing what data to look for, and presenting the data as a compelling visual story for leadership in a sales performance dashboard.

At Coefficient, we’ve worked with hundreds of different sales teams to build sales performance dashboards. This has given us a first-hand look at the best metrics for these dashboards. In this blog, we want to share these metrics with you to help you define your own sales performance visualizations.

However, knowing the top metrics is only one part of the equation. In our experience, creating the dashboard in a CRM is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the process. That’s why we designed our one-click templates, so you can launch pre-built sales performance dashboards in Google Sheets

Open Pipe by Stage (Company-Wide) 

In our experience, sales teams often leverage an Open Pipeline by Stage dashboard to maintain an overview of sales across the funnel

A company-wide view of the dashboard allows you to chart sales pipeline for the entire organization, including overall sales potential, stages of concern, and trends in the buying process. You can easily track stages such as qualification, prospecting, negotiations, and much more. 

Our Sales Opportunity Dashboard template (Salesforce / HubSpot) comes with a pre-built dashboard for Open Pipeline by Stage at a company-wide level.       

sales performance open pipeline

Sales to Quota by Rep

Many sales teams have some sort of Sales to Quota dashboard that visualizes the pipeline of sales reps. This dashboard showcases the high-level metrics that determine success for sales reps on a monthly basis by forecast category: pipeline, best case, and committed deals. This allows sales leaders to quickly understand individual performance and change tactics as needed. 

Our Sales Opportunity Dashboard template (Salesforce / HubSpot) allows you to easily visualize sales to quota metrics for the entire company, by team, or by individual sales rep. First, navigate to the drop downs at the top of the template.  

free Google Sheets template

Then choose the sales rep you want to examine. 

sales quota by rep

The Sales to Quota dashboard will display that salesperson’s total open pipeline by forecast category or opportunity stage in a gradient graph. This makes it easy for a company, manager, or an individual to quickly see how they are trending towards their target for the month or quarter.

In the example here, the sales rep will hit 95.1% of their $72k target for Q2 if they close all deals in Commit and Best Case. They know they’ll need to progress some Pipeline deals or ask for some new leads if they want to hit their target.

sales pipeline dashboard

Opportunity List by Team

An opportunity list report gives you an overview of important opportunity metrics, including owners, stage, source, amount, and much more. Segmenting by team allows you to maintain a view of aggregate performance and targeted forecasting without the overwhelming volume of a company-wide opportunity report.

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The Sales Opportunity Dashboard template  (Salesforce / HubSpot) comes with a pre-built Opportunity List pivot table, and you can segment by team with the drop down menu.  

Navigate to the ‘Team’ drop down at the top of the template. Then select the team you want to view. 

opportunity list sales

The template’s Opportunity List report will now show the deals and associated metrics for the team’s pipeline. If you need to identify a few valuable Pipeline deals to progress in order to hit target, this table gives you a nice clean view to find the right ones.

We’ve even hyperlinked them back to your CRM so the sales rep can click-in and take quick actions such as creating follow-up tasks or reviewing notes.

sales opportunity metrics

Pipeline Created by Rep

Pipeline created by rep allows you to track the pipeline creation of individual salespeople. This metric is important to track at an individual level, because it enables you not just to measure performance, but also to adjust sales tactics, cultivate sustainable pipelines for each rep, and fine tune forecasts.

Our Sales Opportunity Dashboard template (Salesforce / HubSpot) makes it easy to measure the pipeline created per sales rep. At the top of the template, click the ‘Sales Rep’ drop down and choose the Sales Rep you want to explore.        

sales pipeline by rep

Check out the ‘Key Metrics by Month’ report within the template. 

key sales performance metrics

You will see the monthly pipeline created in dollar value and number of opportunities for ‘Jennifer Smith’ — or whomever you choose from the drop down. 

pipeline created report

Sales Targets by Rep

Many companies that we work with complain about how notoriously difficult it is to manage and maintain sales quotas in CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot. That’s why Finance and Sales Operations teams love to store their monthly or quarterly targets in spreadsheets.

Our Sales Opportunity Dashboard template (Salesforce / HubSpot) has a Sales Targets section where you can easily list out your Sales Reps and Teams and then input their monthly sales quotas. 

Our template will automatically aggregate these quotas as needed when you adjust your dashboard filters: See the sum of all company quotas for the full year, or drill-down to a specific sales rep’s quota for the current month – no problem.

sales team targets

Sales Performance Dashboard — Download our Pre-Built Template!

Choosing the right KPIs for your sales performance dashboard is often a difficult process, full of imprecise assumptions and trade offs. But our work with sales teams across the world has provided us with an inside look at the best sales performance KPIs.

However, even with the right KPIs, you still need to build and maintain live dashboards. Thankfully, we’ve already done all that for you with our pre-built Sales Opportunity Dashboard template (Salesforce / HubSpot) for Google Sheets. 

Now you can launch an entire sales performance dashboard in one click — and it’s completely free to use. Try the templates now!


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