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Formula for Total Contract Value

TCV = (Average Monthly Recurring Revenue * Number of Months in Contract)

How to calculate TCV?

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): Determine the average revenue generated from each customer on a monthly basis.
  • Contract Tenure: Identify the total duration of the contract in months.
  • TCV Computation: Multiply the MRR by the contract duration to calculate the TCV.

What is TCV?

Total Contract Value (TCV) represents the entire revenue a contract is expected to generate, inclusive of all recurring payments and one-time fees. It offers a detailed perspective on a contract’s worth, facilitating more informed financial and strategic decisions.

Why Total Contract Value Matters?

TCV is crucial for comprehensive financial forecasting and understanding the real value derived from customer contracts. It’s instrumental in evaluating long-term customer relationships’ profitability, thereby guiding strategic business decisions.

Example: Enhancing Business with TCV

Businesses leveraging TCV analysis can pinpoint their most lucrative contracts and tailor their sales strategies accordingly, focusing on agreements with the highest total value.

Improvement Strategies: Elevating Your TCV

  • Extend Contract Durations: Longer contracts inherently increase TCV.
  • Revise Pricing Strategies: Align your pricing with the value you deliver to boost TCV.
  • Promote Prepayment Incentives: Encourage upfront payments with discounts to augment TCV.
  • Tiered Pricing Models: Motivate clients towards higher-tier plans to enhance TCV.
  • Champion Customer Success: Prioritizing customer satisfaction can lead to renewals and a higher TCV.

Calculating TCV in Google Sheets

  • Input your MRR in cell A1.
  • Enter the contract length in months in cell B1.
  • Include any one-time fees in cell C1.
  • Utilize the formula =A1*B1+C1 in cell D1 to derive your TCV.

The Caveats of TCV

While TCV provides valuable insights, it’s important to be mindful of its limitations. Failing to consider fluctuations in contract renewals or changes in service usage can result in an overestimation of future revenue.

When to Utilize TCV

TCV is especially valuable for entities engaged in regular, long-term contracts, particularly in the B2B sector, where understanding the complete value of a contract is crucial for sustained growth and strategic planning.

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