Salesforce Sales Leaderboard: Free Google Sheets Template

Last Modified: May 11, 2023 - 4 min read

Frank Ferris

For over 70% of companies, sales gamification increases new revenue by 11% to 50%. That’s one of the reasons why team leaderboards are so popular among sales teams. Team leaderboards increase friendly competition among sales staff, adding another incentive for reps to close deals.

At Coefficient, we’ve worked with hundreds of sales teams, and we’ve seen firsthand what makes an outstanding sales team leaderboard. We want to share all these years of competitive intelligence with you, so we built you a free Sales Team Leaderboard template for Google Sheets.

Here’s an overview of our Sales Team Leaderboard, and how it can supercharge your sales orgs. The Sales Team Leaderboard is powered by your Salesforce CRM data — and only takes one click to launch!

Why is a Leaderboard Important?

Sales leaders typically try to incentivize competition among their sales teams. One option is to offer gift cards, tickets, or additional incentives for closing deals. But according to research, one of the most effective incentives is peer group recognition. That explains the proliferation of team leaderboards.

A team leaderboard compares sales reps side-by-side across a number of sales KPIs. The leader in a fun, competitive way to bolster sales, and many sales leaders find it effective.

Google Sheets Template: Salesforce Leaderboard

Coefficient’s Sales Team Leaderboard for Google Sheet is based on our work with hundreds of sales teams. We loaded all the best ideas into this leaderboard, so you can operate with best-in-class sales metrics.

Our Sales Team Leaderboard introduces a number of advantages for sales team, including:

  • Rank individual reps and teams, side-by-side, across top sales KPIs
  • Track key performance metrics, such as win rate, best pipeline creation stats, shortest opp lifecycles, across different team segments
  • Also incentivize the nut-and-bolts of sales labor by comparing meetings booked, emails sent, and calls made

And, again, this is all done from Google Sheets! Directly inside your spreadsheet.

You can easily filter the dashboard visualizations by time period, time units, team, sales rep, and opportunity type. With a simple drop-down menu, you can see how individual reps, campaigns, and teams are doing.

You can also toggle the visualizations by time period, time units, team, sales rep, and opportunity type. Quickly understand the performance of individual reps, sales campaigns, and other segments with a simple dropdown menu.

Check out the key metrics at the top of the dashboard: revenue won, deals won, new logos, win rate, and more. This allows you to quickly see all your topic metrics in one place.

The template contains a classic Sales Team Leaderboard that compares, side-by-side, revenue won by each sales rep. Filter the template to see how each rep performed in a given time period.

The leaderboard comes with a pre-built win rate dashboard. The dashboard ranks reps and teams by win rate percentage, corresponding with the deals closed.

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See who’s capturing the most new business with an elegant logo leaderboard.

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Track average opp size to see where the most profitable deals are coming from. Identify average opp age across reps and teams in an easy-to-follow dashboard.

This gives you an overview of how long sales reps are keeping deals open, and how you can improve the sales process.

Salesforce Sales Leaderboard: Launch in Google Sheets in One Click

Sales Leaderboards incentivize your sales team to put in extra effort and hit revenue targets. In terms of gamification, a sales leaderboard can electrify your sales unit with a fun sense of competition.

And now you don’t need to spend hours building a sales leaderboard dashboard — we’ve already done the hard work for you. Download our free Sales Leaderboard in Google Sheets now, powered by your Salesforce CRM data!

Download Salesforce Sales Leaderboard for Google Sheets

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