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Top 7 Apps for Salesforce AppExchange

By Kevin Bartley

The Salesforce AppExchange allows you to discover new apps, services, and extensions for Salesforce. These apps extend the basic functionality of Salesforce with specialized features.

The AppExchange apps are designed by a variety of leading software platforms and solutions that integrate with Salesforce, including LinkedIn, MailChimp, Twilio, and much more.

But what should you install from the AppExchange? Do you need a CRM extension, a data analytics tool, or something else entirely?

This guide will highlight the top 7 apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, including how they make teams more productive, efficient, and cohesive.

Salesforce AppExchange: 7 Best Apps for Teams

1. Coefficient

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For all its advantages, Salesforce still has limitations that make it difficult for sales teams to perform forecasting, analysis, and dashboarding. That’s why so many sales teams import their Salesforce data into the flexible interface of spreadsheets. However, the process of transferring data from a Salesforce CRM to spreadsheets is highly manual and leads to stale data and analytics.

Coefficient eliminates this work intensive and inefficient process altogether. The Coefficient app automatically imports real-time data from company systems, including Salesforce, into Google Sheets. That means sales teams always have up-to-date data in their spreadsheets, and no longer need to spend hours copying-and-pasting data.

With Coefficient, sales teams can build reports and dashboards off of live data in spreadsheets, so the dashboards themselves never require updating. Now the sales team can access a single source of truth for data, in the form of an easily accessible spreadsheet. SalesOps users can set up data alerts to share reports and KPIs via Slack or email with team members.

Coefficient also comes with pre-built Salesforce dashboards for Google Sheets, based on your live Salesforce CRM data. These cover a variety of use cases, such as team leaderboards, sales targets, pipeline creation, and much more. You can launch these pre-built dashboards in a single click.

2. Dooly

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Dooly leverages an AI-engine to help teams create sales and marketing campaigns. The app leverages your Salesforce data to help fine-tune personalized outreach. With Dooly, teams can also create sales playbooks, automate meeting note taking, and streamline real-time sales coaching.

Dooly also tracks your sales team’s overall productivity, creates team transparency, and quantifies the impact of your personalized campaigns. A free version of the app is available —. additional features are priced individually.

Over 6,000 Salesforce pros automate Salesforce data into Google Sheets with Coefficient

This is a great tool! I’ve been able to cover forecasting infrastructure gaps and will continue to leverage Coefficient to join disparate data.”

John Choi

3. LeanData Matching & Routing

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LeanData Matching & Routing is a matching, routing, and engagement solution that allows sales reps to close deals faster by connecting them with leads, contacts, and opportunities. The app enables sales reps to build, track, and manage complex sales workflows without requiring coding.

Sales reps can use LeanData to route leads to records accurately, automate sales follow up, uncover lead-to-account connections, achieve accurate matches, and much more. LeanData is an easy-to-use tool for sales reps who want to coordinate essential sales data in an accurate and efficient way.

4. TaskRay Post-Sale Work Management for Salesforce

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TaskRay Post-Sale Work Management for Salesforce is a Salesforce-native app that helps manage your post-sales process, including onboarding, implementation, and installation. The app ensures that customers receive smooth and delightful service after purchase, in order to bolster retention.

TaskRay empowers teams to deliver consistent post-sales experiences to customers by creating repeatability for complex processes. It allows you to create tasks, assign them to your team, and set due dates and reminders, across a range of post-sales activities. The app is especially useful if you have a remote team and need to sync across geographies.

5. Drift for Salesforce

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Drift offers a conversational AI platform that engages your website visitors in human-like conversations to increase conversions at scale. The Drift platform integrates chat, email, video, and AI to automatically power intelligent interactions with prospects and visitors who want to connect with your business.

Drift combines data from your MAP, CRM (including Salesforce), sales, and ABM tools and enriches it using Clearbit, 6sense, ZoomInfo, and Crunchbase. This enables Drift to partake in automated conversations while leveraging unique insights into what a visitor buyer intent and demographics.

6. Cloudingo

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Cloudingo helps you improve the quality of your Salesforce data by eliminating duplication, inconsistencies, data decay, and human errors. The app’s customizable filters and robust matching criteria allow you to easily use a wide range of conditionality, from fuzzy matching to synonyms, to identify and remove duplicates.

With Cloudingo, you can merge dupes manually, mass merge, or schedule Cloudingo to automatically merge duplicates. But Cloudingo does more than just eliminate duplicates. You can also use the app to:

  • Import data without creating duplicates
  • Mass convert leads
  • Mass update
  • Mass delete records
  • Migrate data

And more. Check out Cloudingo now to clean up your Salesforce data in a few clicks.

7. RingLead

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RingLead is the central hub for buyer data, enabling companies to dedupe, normalize, protect, route, and enrich records in a single, secure cloud-based platform. This allows sales teams to move faster and take action with accurate, high quality data that can assist in the selling process.

RingLead equips sales teams to remove Salesforce duplicates with custom matching logic, master surviving field value rules, and a deduplication scheduler. RingLead also allows teams to harness real-time, crowdsourced data to optimize sales interactions and generate higher per field match rates.

Salesforce AppExchange: Making Teams More Efficient

The Salesforce AppExchange offers a wide array of apps for everything from team productivity to data cleansing. The apps in this guide are some of the best in their respective categories.

But your team likely has additional use cases that require separate apps. The Appexchange is massive, and while the apps in this blog are best-in-class, they represent just the tip of the iceberg.

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