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Simple Retention Dashboard

Net retention by cancel, contraction, expansion, Net MRR, Net Retention, MRR: Direct vs partner, # of accounts retained/expanded/cancelled

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Monitor your SaaS retention metrics with Coefficient’s Simple Retention Dashboard template for Google Sheets. Identify at-risk customers, understand the drivers of retention, and compare performance across customer segments.

Benefits of Tracking Simple Retention Metrics in the Template

  • Identify at-risk customers and proactively prevent churn: By monitoring net retention by cancel, contraction, and expansion, you can spot customers who may be at risk of churning and take action to address their needs before it’s too late.
  • Understand the drivers of retention and revenue growth: Tracking metrics like net MRR and net retention helps you pinpoint the factors contributing to customer loyalty and revenue expansion, allowing you to double down on successful strategies.
  • Compare retention performance across customer segments: Analyzing MRR by direct vs. partner and the number of accounts retained, expanded, or canceled enables you to identify high-performing segments and tailor your retention efforts accordingly.

Advantages of Tracking Simple Retention in Google Sheets

  • Keep your team aligned with a single, up-to-date data source: Keep everyone in your organization has access to the same retention data, promoting cross-functional collaboration and reducing data silos.
  • Customize your retention dashboard to match your business model: Add or remove metrics, create custom calculations, and tailor your dashboard to the unique needs of your SaaS business.
  • Integrate with your existing tools for a comprehensive view of customer health: Pull data from your CRM, billing system, and other tools, providing a holistic view of the customers journey and enabling more informed retention decisions.

Simplify Your Retention Tracking with Coefficient’s Dashboard Template

Say goodbye to complex retention tracking and hello to simplicity with Coefficient’s Simple Retention Dashboard template for Google Sheets. 

In just a few clicks, you’ll have a powerful tool to monitor your retention metrics, identify growth opportunities, and keep your customers happy. Download the template today and start optimizing your retention strategy like a pro!

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