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Streamline your lead tracking with our customizable Google Sheets dashboard. Real-time analytics, collaboration, and advanced visualization at your fingertips. Download now!

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Inbound Lead Generation Tracker
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"Coefficient's Google Sheets templates are the next step in spreadsheet evolution–connected spreadsheets. Connected sheets mean faster, better, and more accurate analysis by everyone–especially if you can't code!"
Evan Cover Director, BI Engineering and Governance, Klaviyo

Maximize your inbound lead generation with Coefficient’s Dashboard for Google Sheets. Directly track key metrics, make informed decisions quickly, and streamline your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Tracking Inbound Lead Generation Tracker (Hubspot) Metrics

  • Optimize Lead Conversion Strategy: Understanding the ‘Leads generated – last 14 days’ metric facilitates timely adjustments to your marketing approach, boosting conversion rates and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Enhance Form Design and User Experience: By tracking ‘Form abandons %’, pinpoint areas for usability improvements, thereby reducing abandonment rates and increasing conversion potential.
  • Strategic Marketing Spend: ‘Leads by source’ data enables informed decisions about where to allocate your marketing budget, concentrating efforts on the most fruitful lead generation channels.
  • Immediate Follow-up Actions: Monitoring ‘Recent leads’ ensures timely engagement with potential customers, significantly increasing the chances of conversion and fostering better customer relationships.

Advantages of Using Google Sheets for Inbound Lead Tracking

  • Customizable and Comprehensive Data Analysis: Harness the capability to merge Hubspot data with Google Sheets, facilitating a personalized tracking experience that aligns with specific marketing goals.
  • Accelerated Collaboration: Google Sheets’ cloud-based nature supports real-time, shared access to lead generation data, enhancing team collaboration and ensuring all members are informed and aligned.
  • Insightful Data Visualization: Leverage Google Sheets’ advanced data visualization tools to transform complex metrics into accessible and actionable insights, allowing for quicker identification of trends and optimization opportunities.


Embrace a new level of efficiency and clarity in your lead generation efforts. Download Coefficient’s Inbound Lead Generation Tracker Dashboard for Google Sheets now—and transform your data into intelligent, actionable strategies that drive results. 

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