HubSpot MRR Dashboard for Google Sheets

Harness our pre-built dashboard for SaaS and PLG companies to keep track of MRR or ARR, total logo count, key churn rates, and more. Powered by your HubSpot CRM data.

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A 360° view of MRR. Supercharge SaaS and PLG Growth.

This HubSpot MRR Dashboard was built specifically with SaaS and PLG companies in mind. Use it to keep track of your current MRR or ARR, total logo count, key churn rates and more.

With this dashboard, you can:

  • Visualize essential metrics like Churn Rate, Net Churn Rate, and Net Revenue Retention to keep track of the health of your business.
  • Automatically import live HubSpot data to populate this template, including churn dates and churn reasons, so you can identify trends and problems quickly
  • Leverage the dynamic date range filter to view churn by day, week, month, quarter or year; depending on the nature and sales volume of your SaaS business
  • Monitor the “Deal Downgrades” tab to keep track of when a customer reduces number of paid licenses, receives a discount, or downgrades to a lower priced tier

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