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Daily Spend Report for Google Ads

With Coefficient's Google Ads Daily Spend report, gain insights into your campaigns and ad groups, ensuring every dollar spent is an investment towards your business's growth.

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Google Ads Daily Spend Report
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"Coefficient's Google Sheets templates are the next step in spreadsheet evolution–connected spreadsheets. Connected sheets mean faster, better, and more accurate analysis by everyone–especially if you can't code!"
Evan Cover Director, BI Engineering and Governance, Klaviyo

Managing your Google Ads budget efficiently is crucial for any marketing strategy.

With Coefficient’s Google Sheets template for daily spend reports, you gain unparalleled insights into your campaigns and ad groups, ensuring every dollar spent is an investment towards your business’s growth. Here’s how our template transforms your ad spend management:

Benefits of Tracking Daily Spend Report Metrics

  • Real-Time Budget Monitoring: Stay ahead with live updates on your spending across different campaigns and ad groups. This immediate insight helps prevent budget overruns and enables quick adjustments to optimize ad performance.
  • Budget Limit Slack Alerts: Our template not only tracks your spending but also alerts you when campaigns approach their budget limits. This proactive feature ensures you’re never caught off guard, maintaining your spending within strategic boundaries.
  • Performance Insights at a Glance: See which campaigns and ad groups deliver the best ROI with our easy-to-interpret metrics. This clarity allows for data-driven decisions, enhancing your campaign’s effectiveness and profitability.

Advantages of Tracking in Google Sheets

  • Customizable Views: Tailor the dashboard to meet your specific needs, focusing on the metrics that matter most to your strategy. Whether it’s CPC, CTR, or conversion rates, our template puts the control in your hands.
  • Effortless Data Importation: Wondering how to bring your Google Ads data into Google Sheets? Our template integrates seamlessly, pulling daily reports directly into your spreadsheet. This automation saves you time and eliminates manual entry errors. 
  • Simplified Spend Calculation: Calculating daily ad spend becomes a breeze with our intuitive formulas. Understand your expenditure patterns, adjust your strategies in real-time, and ensure you’re allocating your budget effectively to maximize campaign success.

Ready to Take Control of Your Google Ads Spend?

Download Coefficient’s Google Sheets template today and experience a new level of efficiency and insight in your advertising efforts. With its ease of use and powerful analytics, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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