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Paid Ads Report Built with Mutiny

Grab this free paid ads dashboard to replicate how other marketers are measuring success. This paid ads report template gives you a full view into the health of your paid advertising strategy.

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Easily track paid ad performance. Understand how your campaigns are influencing pipeline.

Grab our free, pre-built marketing paid ads report to gain a complete overview of how your paid ad initiatives are performing.

This marketing report template was built in partnership with Mutiny.

Access all the charts and dashboards you need, directly from your spreadsheet, to well-execute your paid strategy. Our pre-designed paid marketing report runs on your live data, directly from Google Sheets and provides instructions on how to connect to your data sources if you’d like.

This Paid Ad Template breaks down the 4 levers that determine the health of a paid program – starting from campaign performance to opportunities generated.

  • Lever 1: Paid Campaign Performance provides an overview of how each paid campaign is performing – from spend, CTR, to cost per lead. With this lever, you’ll identify campaigns that are meeting, exceeding or underperforming, so you can problem solve immediately.
  • Lever 2: Sales Accepted – Goal Vs Actual gives you an understanding of if your campaigns are generating Sales Accepted Leads, relative to weekly and monthly goals
  • Lever 3: Sales Qualified – Goal vs Actual gives you an understanding of if Sales Accepted Leads are converting to Sales Qualified opportunities, relative to weekly and monthly goals. Levers 2 and 3 give you the ability to make data-driven decisions on where to allocate marketing budgets, tweak campaign strategies, and more.
  • Lever 4: Open Sales Accepted Leads Opportunities And Aging zooms in on every opportunity generated – from deal stage to days in cycle, allowing you to collaborate with your sales team on moving specific opportunities forward.

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