How to Export Data from Stripe

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Julian Alvarado

Stripe is a popular and reliable payment processing platform for businesses of all sizes — from freelancers to large retail companies.

Apart from managing payments, it also stores key product, payment, customer, and business analytics data. This allows you to conduct tasks like authorization, reporting, and tracking in one place.

However, Stripe does have reporting limitations, and that’s why so many users prefer to export Stripe data into spreadsheet platforms such as Google Sheets.

But exporting Stripe data is often a messy, manual process that can require copious amounts of copying-and-pasting. However, certain methods allow you to export Stripe data without wasting hours of your time.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to export Stripe data easily and efficiently, so you can avoid time-consuming work.

Export Stripe Data: Top 3 Methods

1. Coefficient

Coefficient is the fastest and simplest way to export data from Stripe.

Coefficient is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to connect your business systems to your spreadsheet and start pulling data instantly.

Here’s how to export Stripe data with Coefficient.

First, navigate to Extensions on the Google Sheets home menu, select Add-ons, and click Get add-ons. Then search for “Coefficient” and select the first option. 

google workspace marketplace coefficient

Click the Install button on Coefficient’s Google Marketplace listing.

install coefficient addon

After installation, launch Coefficient from the Extensions menu. Choose Coefficient: Salesforce, HubSpot Data Connector, and click Launch.

data connector google sheets

Now it’s time to connect Stripe to Google Sheets. On the Coefficient sidebar, click Import from

import data into google sheets

To connect Stripe, scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and click See All Sources.

data sources google sheets

Find Stripe on the list of available Coefficient connections. Then click Connect.  

stripe data google sheets

Log in to your Stripe account to authorize the connection.

authorize stripe connection google sheets

To finalize the authorization process, enter your mobile number and click Send text to receive a verification code.

mobile number stripe google sheets

Enter the security code you received via SMS to complete the verification process.

Upon confirmation, Stripe will generate a secret key for account recovery purposes. Copy or download this key to regain access to your Stripe account in case your device gets lost or stolen.

When done, click Next to continue.

emergency backup code stripe

Select your Stripe account and click Connect. When you’re finished, you’ll be redirected back to Google Sheets.

Export Stripe data directly from the Coefficient sidebar. You can export Stripe data from Objects & Fields, your library, or pre-built dashboards.

For this example, let’s export Objects & Fields.

stripe objects and fields spreadsheets

Select Customers under the Objects list. You can use filters to remove irrelevant data. This is useful if you have thousands of customers on Stripe.

object customers new import stripe

Specify the fields or data objects you want to export into Google Sheets.

Click Select Fields to pull up the Import Preview window and select the data objects you wish to export.

stripe customers import google sheets

You can rearrange the order of your fields or columns in the Import Preview window.

Click Done in the top-right corner once you’ve selected the right data.

Lastly, name your data import. Then click Import to start pulling the data.

import name google sheets

Coefficient will export your Stripe data into your Google spreadsheet nearly instantly.

real time stripe data coefficient

Enable the Refresh Schedule toggle to update your data on a set schedule. Click edit to set a new hourly, daily, or monthly refresh schedule.

refresh schedule google sheets

2. CSV File

You can also export Stripe data in a CSV file. The built-in CSV export feature in Stripe allows you to do this.  

To export a CSV from Stripe, log in to your Stripe dashboard. Navigate to the page with the data you want to export.

For this example, let’s go to the Customers page. From here, we can export customer data into a CSV file.

Coefficient Excel Google Sheets Connectors
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In the main toolbar, click Export on the right side.

export stripe data google sheets

You can filter the data before exporting it to a CSV file.

filter stripe data

Stripe also lets you select the columns to include in your CSV report. Under Columns, click Default to reveal your options.

Choosing All columns will include all available data types in your data set. Click Custom to handpick the columns to include.

default stripe data google sheets

Once you’re happy with your selection, click Export in the bottom-right corner to download the CSV file.

export customers google sheets stripe

Once you’re done, go to Google Sheets and click the file picker button.

file picker google sheets

Switch to the Upload tab and then click the Browse button.

Look for the CSV file and export it into Google Sheets. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the CSV file from your computer.

drag file spreadsheet

CSVs use raw text, so you’ll need to modify the headers, row colors, and other formatting options manually.

CSV raw text stripe

CSV files work best for one-off exports. However, they’re difficult to use as a long term solution for Stripe data exports.

3. Data Exporter for Drive

The Data Exporter for Drive app is another option for exporting Stripe data. You can install Data Exporter for Drive in the Stripe App Marketplace.

First, log in to your Stripe account and head to the Stripe App Marketplace. On the search bar, enter “Data Exporter for Drive” and click the first result.

data exporter for drive

On the Data Exporter app page, click Install app.

data exporter for drive stripe data

If you’re fine with the requested permissions, click Install to proceed.

account information stripe

Data Exporter for Drive appears as a sidebar alongside the Stripe dashboard. Sign in with your Google account to get started.

sign in with google stripe

Use the Data Exporter interface to select the dataset you wish to export, including but not limited to all payments, transactions, disputes, invoices, balances, payouts, and customer accounts.

data exporter stripe dashboard

Specify a filename and the Drive location of your Google Sheet. From there, you can configure the rest of your data export.

stripe accounts export

After configuring your export, click Export to send your Stripe data to Google Sheets.

Compared to Data Exporter to Drive, Coefficient offers more flexibility in terms of features and data filters, and allows for automatic data updates and faster data exportation.

No Headaches: Export Stripe Data with Coefficient

If you want to automate data exports from Stripe, Coefficient is the easiest and quickest way to do so. Although other methods exist, Coefficient is the best way to export real-time Stripe data minus the manual work.

​​Get started with Coefficient for free and start exporting Stripe data instantly!

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