Top 5 Sales Dashboards Every Sales Manager Needs

Last Modified: August 9, 2023 - 5 min read

Hannah Recker

Sales dashboards are critical to every facet of a sales manager’s job, from adjusting tactics, to enhancing decision-making, to measuring performance. However, with so many diverse sales metrics to monitor, sales managers end up juggling a bevy of dashboards to find the insights they need.

In our partnership with hundreds of sales orgs, we see this dynamic repeat itself consistently. But we’ve also discovered that orgs can eliminate this issue if they build a few excellent dashboards rather than many disparate ones. This, however, is easier said than done for sales teams with limited time and resources.

So let us handle the hard work for you. Our collaborations with some of the top sales teams in the world have shown us how to build superior dashboards for sales managers using best-in-class metrics. Now you can launch these superior sales dashboards in one click with our free Google Sheets templates.

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Here’s an overview of the top five sales dashboards for sales managers, along with free Google Sheets templates for each one.

Win Loss Analysis Dashboard

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CRMs make win loss analysis cumbersome and time-consuming. Instead of consulting one unified dashboard, sales managers end up cycling through a hodgepodge of scattered dashboards within the CRM.

Our pre-built Win Loss Analysis Dashboard removes this headache. The Google Sheets dashboard contains all the win loss KPIs and visualizations a sales manager needs — no assembly required.

With our Win Loss Analysis Dashboard, sales managers can track won/lost deals by revenue and volume, win rate, and wins by customer stage. Sales managers can easily ascertain high-level trends with pre-built, contrasted charts of opportunities won and lost. The dashboard is also customizable — you can segment charts and reports by sales reps team, opportunity size, and more.

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Gain a comprehensive report of lost opportunities, including opp owners, age, amount, and reason lost. And the dashboard is always shareable — the CRM data is automatically refreshed. Sales managers can power the Win Loss Analysis Dashboard with their Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data.

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Sales Opportunity Dashboard

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Dashboards that track sales opportunities need to give sales managers a 360 degree visibility into the opportunity pipeline. That’s how we designed our Sales Opportunity Dashboard. The dashboard enables sales managers to monitor open pipe by stage and sales quotas by orgs, teams and reps.

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Our Sales Opportunity Dashboard makes it easy to measure the pipeline created per sales rep. You can also list out monthly sales quotas to track for your Sales Reps and Teams. The dashboard comes with a pre-designed Opportunity List pivot table, and you can segment by team with the drop down menu. The dashboard works with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM data.

Sales to Target Dashboard

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Sales to target dashboards allow sales managers to measure performance, adjust tactics, and project sales. But they often require corralling data from multiple systems. Our Sales to Target Dashboard empowers sales managers to track targets without all the back-and-forth between data systems.

The dashboard combines CRM data with sales targets, calculates revenue projections, and visualizes progress for teams and opportunity types, by month, quarter, or year. With this dashboard, sales managers can track yearly or quarterly revenue side-by-side with open pipeline and target achieved.

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Isolate revenue and opportunities by existing business and new business. Measure sub-targets and learn where the pipeline needs supplementation. Populate the dashboard with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data.

Pipeline Analysis Dashboard

Our Pipeline Analysis Dashboard visualizes every stage of the sales cycle. The dashboard allows sales managers to track individual reps and isolate sales cycle issues. Sales managers often use the dashboard to understand the effectiveness of personnel and tactics, and adjust course accordingly.

Sales managers can leverage the dashboard to compare monthly results for pipeline creation, win rates, average deal size, and sales velocity. Filter data by sales team, time period, or deal type. The dashboard automatically calculates average deal value, average sales cycle length, and many other core sales pipeline KPIs.

These KPIs offer both a granular and holistic view of pipeline health throughout the sales cycle. Sales managers can use the dashboard to gain visibility into every stage of the sales process,  from first touch to conversion. Harness Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data to power the dashboard.

Opportunity History Changes Dashboard

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Opportunity History Field Tracking is a powerful Salesforce report that records the change history of opportunity fields. But it is difficult to maximize the potential of the report due to the rigid reporting functionality in Salesforce.

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Our Opportunity History Changes Dashboard unlocks the full range of Salesforce’s Opportunity History Field Tracking report. The dashboard identifies how new sales pipeline, lost opportunities, changing close dates, and up-sells impact revenue. With the dashboard, sales managers can:

  • Track the sales pipeline over any period of time
  • Identify opportunities with value changes or time frame modifications
  • Set custom fiscal year periods and monitor changes by month, quarter, or year
  • Slice and dice opportunity changes by sales team, opportunity type, or account details
  • Identify changes to close dates, opportunity amounts, and other fields that affect sales forecast

Apply a more incisive analysis to historical sales pipeline trends with the Opportunity History Changes Dashboard.

Let Us Do the Hard Work. Try Our Free Google Sheets Dashboards.

Sales managers are used to juggling dashboards that don’t always contain the incisive metrics they need in one place. But with our Google Sheets dashboard templates, sales managers can launch pre-built, best-in-class dashboards in a single click. Sales managers can access superior metrics, consolidate their dashboards, and eliminate the inefficient process of dashboard creation.

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