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Drive alignment and keep your team selling by integrating live data and automation directly into your spreadsheets.
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Unlock the power of your data by
connecting spreadsheets directly to your systems.


Build reliable forecasting models in your spreadsheet

  • Blend data from your CRM, billing, data warehouse, and BI systems to improve forecast accuracy

  • Compare actuals vs. targets in real time to stay on track

  • Customize commission, quota, and territory plans and make changes in just a few clicks

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"Forecasting, sales comp, pipeline management, planning, you name it.”

Derek Gregg, VP of Sales @ Copia Automation


Help Sales hit their targets with real-time pipeline analysis

  • Combine lead and opportunity data to spot trends and optimize performance

  • Create automated scoring models with AI and sync data back to your CRM

  • Deliver real-time insights with automatic Slack notifications

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"Tasks that once took hours, now take minutes."

Alexander Bugajski, Head of GTM Strategy @ Miro


Reclaim your time by automating daily reporting

  • Build executive dashboards that refresh automatically or on-demand

  • Quickly create ad hoc reports with live data

  • Perform bulk data actions and write back to your systems from a spreadsheet

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"It didn’t take long to discover it’s power.”

Brian Chalif, Head of BizOps @ Mutiny

Hit the ground running with
pre-built spreadsheet templates

Connect and customize any of our templates with your live data in a few clicks


All your data, when and where you need it

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Revenue leaders trust Coefficient

“With Coefficient, our spreadsheets became true powerhouses of functionality. Not only could I design and optimize solutions, but I also could manage analytics, data modeling, hygiene reporting, and error checks with more scalability than ever before in Salesforce or Snowflake.”

Alexander Bugajski

Head of Go-to-Market Strategy

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