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Pipeline Creation Template

Pipeline Creation Dashboard for Google Sheets

Gain a comprehensive view of pipeline creation, across your sales reps and teams, with our pre-built Google Sheets dashboard. Powered by your HubSpot CRM data. 

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Smash Sales Goals with 360° View of Pipeline Creation

Harness a 360° view of pipeline creation, directly from Google Sheets, in a single click. Visualize key pipeline creation metrics by day, week or month, so you can adjust prospecting tactics, create a surplus of opportunities, and smash sales goals.

Pipeline Creation Dashboard keeps you on track:

  • Visualize all the core metrics of pipeline creation with pre-built dashboards, by team or by sales rep.
  • Track pipeline creation by opp type, industry, deal stage, source, and other critical segments.
  • Monitor overall pipeline performance, including win rate, opps created, closed won/lost, and more.
  • Automatically connect to real-time data in HubSpot to access fresh metrics.

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