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Basic SEO Dashboard
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Basic SEO Dashboard - Countries by Impression
Basic SEO Dashboard - Top Keywords by Impressions
"Coefficient's Google Sheets templates are the next step in spreadsheet evolution–connected spreadsheets. Connected sheets mean faster, better, and more accurate analysis by everyone–especially if you can't code!"
Evan Cover Director, BI Engineering and Governance, Klaviyo

Are you struggling to keep track of your website’s SEO performance? Do you find yourself spending hours gathering and analyzing data from Google Search Console? Say goodbye to the hassle with Coefficient’s free Marketing Basic SEO Dashboard template for Google Sheets.

Benefits of Using Coefficient’s Marketing Basic SEO Dashboard

– Gain a comprehensive overview of your SEO performance. Track essential metrics like clicks, impressions, average position, and CTR for the last 30 days in one centralized dashboard.

– Identify your top-performing keywords and landing pages. Quickly pinpoint your top 10 keywords and landing pages driving the most traffic and engagement.

– Understand your global reach with ease. Discover your top 5 countries by impressions and gain valuable insights into your international SEO efforts.

Advantages of Using Google Sheets for SEO Performance Tracking

Access your data anytime, anywhere – With Google Sheets, you can monitor your SEO metrics on the go, from any device with an internet connection.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team – Share your dashboard with colleagues and stakeholders, enabling real-time collaboration and informed decision-making.

Customize and expand your analysis effortlessly – Google Sheets offers the flexibility to add custom formulas, charts, and data sources to tailor your SEO dashboard to your specific needs.

Coefficient’s Marketing Basic SEO Dashboard template for Google Sheets empowers you to take control of your SEO performance. By leveraging the power of Google Sheets and Coefficient’s expertise, you can save time, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your website’s search engine visibility.

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