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Automatically sync Google Analytics with Sheets (UA or GA4) using Coefficient’s one-click connector.

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Transform Google Sheets into a Live Canvas for Your Google Analytics Data

Import Google Analytics data in seconds

Unleash your Google Analytics data like never before

Power the full potential of your spreadsheet

Automate live Google Analytics data in Sheets

How It Works



Connect any data source or business system to Google Sheets and pull data in a single click.



Automate spreadsheet refreshes and data processes to power live reports and dashboards.



Trigger Slack and email alerts with team members to highlight changes and insights.

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Pre-Built Google Analytics Dashboards in Sheets

Deploy pre-built Google Analytics dashboards in Sheets for key use cases.

100,000+ users on Google Marketplace

I love Coefficient! It makes my work easier!”
Bryan Michael Vinluan
Absolutely STUNNING! The hourly schedule option for imports means I don’t have to manually build out reports. It’s so good.
Marcelle Ehlers
Great tool – helped us solve our weekly client reporting data refresh issues and allowed us to get data into Google Sheets for our Account Managers.”
Ellen Cooper Cincotta
“Coefficient streamlined sharing and updating my team with all the data they need in a quick and easy way.”
Zachary Jimenez
Eliminates repeat work for ‘tech’ folks and ensures ‘non-tech’ folks can use data!
Tushar Garimalla
Tremendously helpful tool that has sped up my workflow. I can’t even imagine doing data analysis without Coefficient now.”
Alex Pan
Awesome product. Coefficient improved my productivity so much!”
Chamroeun Kong
“Coefficient is exactly what we needed, after trying several different options on the market. This is a fantastic solution and I’m thrilled it’s available.”
Douglas Weltman
What an amazing app! Coefficient makes integrating some of the most complex systems unbelievably simple! Set up your integrations in less than a minute.”
Yonatan Schvimer
“This really is an amazing tool for automating our reporting and alerts. Coefficient has helped me save so many hours!
Abrar Khan
This is a great tool! I’ve been able to cover forecasting infrastructure gaps and will continue to leverage Coefficient to join disparate data.”
John Choi
“It’s become the only Google Sheets extension I need to use anymore.”
Nathaniel Fritz

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100,000+ users on
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Trusted by thousands
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