GA4 Export to Excel in 2024

Last Modified: March 4, 2024 - 5 min read

Hannah Recker

How to Export Google Analytics 4 to Excel

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest iteration of Google’s analytics platform, designed to provide website and app owners with comprehensive insights into user behavior. With its enhanced tracking capabilities and cross-platform analysis, GA4 is a powerful tool for digital marketers, business owners, and data analysts alike.

Transferring GA4 data into Excel allows you to apply custom analysis, incorporate analytics into broader data sets, and share insights across teams in a familiar format.

This guide explores the top methods for exporting GA4 data to Excel, complete with step-by-step tutorials for each!

GA4 Export to Excel: Top 3 Methods

Method 1: Coefficient

Coefficient presents a streamlined, efficient means of exporting GA4 data into Excel. By linking directly with your GA4 account and most other business systems, Coefficient facilitates instantaneous data transfers to Excel.

Here’s a detailed walkthrough on exporting GA4 data using Coefficient:

Step 1: Install Coefficient for Excel

Before exporting GA4 data, install the Coefficient add-on for Excel.

Click ‘File’ > ‘Get Add-ins’ > ‘More Add-Ins’ and search for Coefficient in the store.

Searching for Coefficient in Excel's Add-in Store

Click Add’ and follow the prompts to install.

Adding Coefficient to Excel through the add-in installation prompts

Once finished, you will see a “Coefficient” tab in the Ribbon of your workbook.

Click ‘Open Sidebar’ to launch Coefficient.

Launching the Coefficient sidebar in Excel for data connectivity

Step 2: Connect Your GA4 Account

Click Import from…’

Selecting 'Import from…' option in Coefficient's Excel sidebar.

Scroll down and select Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as your data source.

Choosing GA4 as a data source in Coefficient for Excel

Note: When you begin a GA4 import for the first time, you will need to connect/authorize Coefficient to access your Google Analytics 4 data.

Follow the prompts to grant Coefficient access to your Google Account.

Authorizing Coefficient access to Google Account for GA4 data

Start your GA4 export to Excel by clicking ‘Start From Scratch.’  

Starting the GA4 export process in Excel with 'Start From Scratch

Step 3: Define Which Data to Import

Select the GA4 property you want to import from the Import Preview window.

Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Proceeding to the next step in the GA4 data export setup within Coefficient

The Import Preview window shows a sample of the data from the fields you select.

Click inside the white box area for each section to search for the fields you need to export to Excel.

Searching for specific fields to export GA4 data to Excel

You can also customize your import by adding filters, sorts, or limits as needed. The sample data will be updated based on what customizations are added.

Customizing GA4 excel data import with filters, sorts, and limits in Coefficient

Click the ‘Import’ button in the top right corner.

Your GA4 export to Excel will appear in your spreadsheet.

Finalizing GA4 data export to Excel with the 'Import' button in Coefficient

Step 4: Set a Data Refresh Rate

To ensure your data remains up-to-date, Coefficient enables you to set an auto-refresh rate.

Choose from hourly, daily, or weekly updates, ensuring your GA4 export is up-to-date. You can also click a refresh button on your data import tab at any time to refresh your data in real time.

Setting an auto-refresh rate for GA4 data in Excel via Coefficient

Method 2: GA4 Built-In Export Functionality

GA4 offers native export capabilities, allowing users to download reports directly into Excel-compatible formats (XLSX or CSV).

Step 1: Access Your GA4 Report

Log in to your Google Analytics 4 account and navigate to the report you wish to export.

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Step 2: Start the Export Process

Locate and click the “Export” icon found typically in the upper-right corner of the report interface.

Accessing the 'Export' icon in GA4's interface for Excel export

Step 3: Choose Your File Format

From the dropdown options under “Export”, select ‘Excel’ (XLSX) or ‘CSV’ depending on your need.

  • XLSX: For a format that maintains the report’s styling, suitable for immediate use.
  • CSV: For a simpler, more flexible format, especially for large datasets.

Step 4: Download and Analyze

The system will prepare and download your report in the chosen format. Open this file with Excel for your data analysis needs.

Method 3: Google Analytics Data API

For users requiring more customization or automated exports beyond GA4’s built-in functionality, the Google Analytics Data API offers a powerful alternative.

Step 1: API Setup

Enable the Google Analytics Data API through your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project and obtain necessary authentication credentials.

Enabling Google Analytics Data API in Google Cloud Platform for GA4

Step 2: Prepare Your Scripts

Write custom scripts using a programming language like Python to utilize the Google Analytics Data API. Your script should define what GA4 data to fetch, including metrics, dimensions, and other parameters.

Step 3: Execute Data Fetching

Run your script to make requests to the GA4 Data API. The data, typically in JSON format, will be fetched based on the parameters you set.

Step 4: Process and Export Data

Process the fetched data as required, potentially converting it from JSON to a more Excel-friendly format like CSV. Import this processed data into Excel.

Step 5: Automate the Process

Leverage scheduling tools like Cron jobs or Task Scheduler to automate the data fetching and processing steps, making regular updates seamless.

Streamline Your GA4 Data Exports

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