How to Use ChatGPT for Finance

Last Modified: May 28, 2024 - 6 min read

Julian Alvarado

ChatGPT for finance is transforming the way financial teams handle data, make decisions, and drive results. By integrating this powerful AI tool into your finance workflows, you can automate routine tasks, gain deeper insights, and improve overall efficiency. 

In this article, we’ll explore how ChatGPT can be a game-changer for your finance team and show you how Coefficient’s GPT Copilot features make it easy to harness the power of ChatGPT directly in Google Sheets.

Why You Should Start Using ChatGPT in Finance

ChatGPT is changing the finance game with its user-friendly AI. It makes your team’s work easier and leads to better decision-making.

  • Automate Routine Tasks: ChatGPT can handle tasks like data analysis and record management, giving your team more time to focus on high-impact work.
  • Make Confident Decisions: With clear, data-driven insights from ChatGPT, your team can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Improve Your Workflow: ChatGPT helps you build a smarter, more agile finance operation by introducing efficient ways to tackle finance tasks.

Using ChatGPT in Finance

Reporting & Data Visualization

ChatGPT helps your finance team create better reports and data visualizations by generating clear explanations and summaries of complex financial data. 

Coefficient takes this a step further by integrating ChatGPT’s capabilities directly into Google Sheets, allowing you to connect with live data from various financial platforms. Here’s how GPT Copilot can help:

Consolidate financial data from multiple sources

Use simple text instructions to instantly pull in up-to-date financial data from platforms like Stripe, QuickBooks, and your ERP system into Google Sheets. This keeps your financial analysis aligned with real-time data and saves you time on manual data consolidation.

Analyze financial data with Pivot Builder

Need to quickly summarize and analyze your financial data? Pivot Builder makes it easy. Just tell ChatGPT what data you want to analyze and how you want to see it, and it will create a pivot table for you. 

For example, you could say “Create a pivot table showing total expenses by category and month.” 

Visualize your financial data with Chart Builder

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to financial data. Chart Builder allows you to create professional-looking charts and graphs by simply describing what you want to see. 

Just tell ChatGPT something like “Create a bar chart comparing revenue and expenses over the last 12 months,” and it will generate the visualization for you.

Predictive Analytics

ChatGPT can work with predictive analytics tools to provide easy-to-understand explanations for complex forecast models. Imagine a case where it interprets a predictive model’s output, explaining expected market trends in a way non-technical decision-makers can understand.


  • Makes Complex Forecasts Clear: Breaks down predictions into understandable insights.
  • Helps with Long-Term Planning: Lets businesses plan ahead by anticipating market trends and customer needs.
  • Improves Accuracy: Helps refine predictive models by identifying and explaining outliers or unusual data points.

With Coefficient, predictive financial analytics become more flexible and data-driven. By connecting ChatGPT with the latest financial data directly through Google Sheets, forecasts are not only up-to-date but also explained in a way everyone can understand. This empowers decision-makers to plan with foresight.

Data Analysis

ChatGPT can analyze financial data in depth to uncover insights that might not be immediately clear. For example, it could detect unusual spending patterns that point to potential cost savings.


  • Uncovers Hidden Patterns: Reveals insights like cost-saving opportunities or new revenue sources.
  • Makes Analysis Faster: Cuts down on the time needed to analyze complex datasets.
  • Improves Financial Health: Identifies risks and opportunities, helping build a stronger financial strategy.

Data Entry

ChatGPT automates the boring task of data entry, making sure it’s correct and freeing up your team to do more important work. For instance, it could automatically turn transaction descriptions into organized financial entries.


spreadsheet ai
Free AI-Powered Tools Right Within Your Spreadsheet

Supercharge your spreadsheets with GPT-powered AI tools for building formulas, charts, pivots, SQL and more. Simple prompts for automatic generation.

  • Saves Time: Cuts down on hours spent doing manual data entry.
  • Increases Accuracy: Reduces errors in financial records.
  • Boosts Productivity: Lets team members focus on tasks that add more value.

Researching & Summarizing Documents

With ChatGPT, your finance team can quickly understand complex financial documents or stay up-to-date with the latest rules. Imagine having a tool that reads through dense regulatory changes and gives you a summary of the key points that matter for your business.


  • Speeds Up Research: Quickly processes large amounts of text to find relevant information.
  • Supports Compliance: Helps businesses stay on top of regulatory changes and avoid penalties.
  • Informs Decision Making: Provides insights from many sources, ensuring well-rounded decisions.

Limitations of ChatGPT & Things to Watch Out For

While ChatGPT offers amazing capabilities to improve different parts of finance work, it’s important to be aware of its limitations to keep your processes running smoothly.

Two main concerns are the accuracy of information and the potential for generating incorrect or made-up (“hallucinated”) data points.

Best Practices for Using ChatGPT Safely in Finance

Always Double-Check ChatGPT’s Answers

Even though ChatGPT can provide quick insights, it’s important for a finance professional to review its outputs. This is especially true for tasks that involve exact data, such as risk assessments and compliance reports.

Keep ChatGPT Up-to-Date with the Latest Data

While ChatGPT can’t update its knowledge in real-time, giving it the most recent numbers and rules can help keep its responses relevant. Use the latest data in your questions to get the most accurate answers possible.

Use ChatGPT as an Addition, Not a Replacement

ChatGPT can boost productivity and decision-making but shouldn’t replace human judgment, especially in complex financial matters where nuance and context are key.


Bringing ChatGPT into finance promises not just to make work easier but to change how financial operations and decisions are made. By tapping into its capabilities, from data analysis to customer service, financial institutions can put themselves at the forefront of innovation. 

However, the key to unleashing ChatGPT’s full potential is balancing its advanced capabilities with careful management of its limitations.

For those ready to explore bringing ChatGPT into finance, looking into platforms that specialize in AI applications, like Coefficient, could provide the necessary tools and insights to start this transformative journey. Get Started today for free!

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