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Automate data collection, create powerful financial models, and drive faster decision-making with live data in your spreadsheet.
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Unlock the power of your data by
connecting spreadsheets directly to your systems.


Turn your spreadsheet into a dynamic reporting hub

  • Combine data from your ERP, CRM, and data warehouse into a single source of truth

  • Set up automated refreshes in a few clicks so reports stay up to date with actuals

  • Share scheduled reports through Slack and email

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“I was doing multiple data pulls a day. Coefficient automated everything.”

Christian Budnik, FP&A Analyst @ Solv


Efficiently work with source-of-truth data

  • Quickly create custom reports and dashboards for different stakeholders

  • Track performance and historical data over time and identify trends

  • Run scenarios and what-if analyses to plan for different outcomes

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"Many of our data headaches have been solved by Coefficient.”

Elliot Evins, Strategy, Planning & Ops @ Velocity Global


Monitor cash flow and revenue operations in real-time

  • Set up alerts for expected payments and expenses to proactively manage your books

  • Maintain accurate forecasts and detailed audit trails

  • Ensure compliance with accounting standards and automate revenue recognition

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“So impactful to blend live data with forecasts for a real-time performance view in my spreadsheet.”

Laurie Josephson, Head of Reporting and Analytics @ Klaviyo


All your financial data, when and where you need It

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Finance leaders trust Coefficient

“With Coefficient, our spreadsheets became true powerhouses of functionality. Not only could I design and optimize solutions, but I also could manage analytics, data modeling, hygiene reporting, and error checks with more scalability than ever before in Salesforce or Snowflake.”

Alexander Bugajski

Head of Go-to-Market Strategy

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