Spend more time marketing instead of building reports

Optimize marketing activities by combining live data from your marketing stack, creating custom analyses, and automating reporting in your spreadsheet.
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Unlock the power of your data by
connecting spreadsheets directly to your systems.


Measure impact across the customer journey

  • Combine live data from your ad platforms, analytics tools, and CRM to build a 360-degree view

  • Identify funnel drop-off points in real-time to optimize conversion rates

  • Showcase trends by using dynamic filters and snapshots to analyze historical data

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"The sheer brilliance of easily syncing any data from any source into Google Sheets or Excel is just amazing.”

Sunil Neurgaonkar, Marketer and Podcast Founder


Optimize marketing mix in real-time to improve ROI

  • Track channel spend and performance metrics in one place

  • Identify top-performing campaigns and channels to optimize budget allocation

  • Get real-time alerts in Slack when you need to make quick budget adjustments

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“Today, tasks that once consumed hours of my week are accomplished in minutes."

Alexander Bugajski, Head of Go-to-Market Strategy, Miro


Keep your stakeholders informed and aligned

  • Schedule and send reports automatically through Slack and email

  • Implement attribution modeling to showcase marketing’s impact on revenue

  • Improve collaboration with sales by combining marketing data with pipeline metrics

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“Couldn’t report on the business without it.”

Ryan Smith, Director of Marketing Operations @ Crowdbotics

Hit the ground running with
pre-built spreadsheet templates

Connect and customize any of our templates with your live data in a few clicks.


All your marketing data, when and where you need it

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“Nice to have an alternative to BI systems that require dev maintenance. I can use Coefficient myself. Self serve analytics with tons of connectors and Coefficient allows me to manipulate the data in depth myself once it's imported.”

Evan Dunn

Head of Marketing

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