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Run Marketing Ops & Reporting from Your Spreadsheet

Coefficient is the easiest way for marketers to pull cross-channel data into spreadsheets. Transform your everyday spreadsheet with live data access and automations.
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Make Fact-Based Decisions Faster

Get a complete picture of your marketing activities without landing in the data backlog.

Replace Manual Processes

Bypass report blockers and manual workflows by syncing any platform with sheets.

Blend Data with Ease

Blend cross-channel performance data with pipeline creation metrics directly in your spreadsheet.

Spend Your Budget Wisely

Analyze ROI in real-time, so you can re-allocate resources to the most effective channels.

Stay on the Same Wavelength

Share live data views with stakeholders across your organization using your typical spreadsheet share settings.

Ditch the Copy-Paste Grind from Your Everyday Tasks

Coefficient is the fastest, easiest way to your data. Access what you need, where and when you need it in seconds.


Connect your spreadsheet to your marketing systems, apps, and data sources and blend data across multiple channels.


Always work with live data. Schedule data updates hourly, daily, or weekly, or refresh data in a single click.


Instantly notify your team of changes or important insights through Slack and email.

Transform your report processes from manual to magical — it’s marketing’s turn to be the hero.

GTM Teams Use Coefficient for Instant Insights

How Mutiny Automated Reporting and Found Peace of Mind with Coefficient

The Challenge

Mutiny’s entire GTM & Ops teams were spending hours manually pulling data.

The Solution

With Coefficient, the team effortlessly imports and blends live data to drive better-informed decision-making across the company. The flexibility of spreadsheets combined with live data allows them to set targets, compare actuals vs. targets, and close the month faster than ever.


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How Klaviyo’s Team Used Coefficient to Scale Rapidly

The Challenge

Data-hungry GTM teams across Klaviyo were constantly making ad hoc requests. Klaviyo’s data team found it challenging to keep pace.

The Solution

Coefficient enabled true self-serve analytics, allowing the data team to reclaim nearly two months previously lost to manual data processes. The impact and utility across their GTM team led to its swift and widespread adoption throughout Klaviyo.

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How Miro's Team Redefined Data Empowerment While Navigating Hyper-Growth

The Challenge

The team couldn’t iterate fast enough on the data that lived in their data warehouse or CRM, leading to lack of visibility into their lead SLA’s.

The Solution

Coefficient empowered the GTM team to construct reports and processes directly within spreadsheets, tailoring the duration and effort based on the intricacy of the project. There is no longer a dependence on other departments for data or tools.

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Get Started with Pre-Built Marketing Dashboards

Marketing Report
Marketing Report Built with Mutiny
Understand how your leads are moving through the funnel and how you're tracking towards goals.
HubSpot Sales Pipeline Analysis Template
HubSpot Pipeline Analysis Template
Compare monthly results for pipeline creation, win rates, average deal age, average deal size, and sales velocity.
HubSpot Pipeline Creation Dashboards
HubSpot Pipeline Creation Template
Visualize key pipeline creation metrics by day, week, or month, so you can adjust prospecting tactics.
Paid Ads Reporting
Paid Ads Report Built with Mutiny
Break down the 4 levers that determine the health of your paid programs – starting from performance to opportunities generated.
Ad Spend Monitoring OG
Ad Spend Monitoring
Gain an understanding and optimize your advertising spend across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads.
Ad PPC conversions Report
PPC Conversions Report Template
Understand CPAs, ROAS, conversions, and conversion rates in real-time to make agile adjustments to your paid campaigns.
Google Analytics 
Website Traffic Report
Google Analytics Website Performance Template
Keep track of your website growth and overall performance by visualizing your web traffic in real-time.
Website Conversions OG Image
Website Conversions
Simplify the tracking and analysis of crucial website conversion metrics. Measure success, optimize campaigns, and refine your strategy.
GA4 Landing Pages Report Live Data
GA4 Landing Pages Report
Gain invaluable insights into user engagement and expand market research so you can make targeted improvements and strategic decisions.
SEO Impressions Google Search Console OG Image
Google Search Console SEO Impressions Tracker
Understanding which content garners the most visibility, so you can fine-tune your content approach.
Google Search Console Organic CTR Tracker
Uncover what truly captivates your audience. By monitoring clicks, gain immediate insights into the content that is striking a chord.
Branded vs Non-Branded Performance Report
Branded vs Non-Branded Performance Template for Organic Traffic
Focus on both branded and non-branded keywords, so you can optimize for intent, differentiate, and segment effectively.
Social Media Growth Tracker Report
Social Media Growth Tracker Template
Get quick insights into key metrics across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to gain a bird’s-eye view of your social landscape.
LinkedIn Ads Report OG image
LinkedIn Engagement Rate Tracker
Get a comprehensive view of page performance so you can use audience insights to strategically plan content.
Facebook Insights Report OG image
Facebook Insights Report Template
Analyze both organic and paid page clicks in this free template so you can best refine your targeting strategies.

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"Nice to have an alternative to BI systems that require dev maintenance. I can use Coefficient myself. Self serve analytics with tons of connectors and Coefficient allows me to manipulate the data in depth myself once it's imported."

Evan Dunn

Evan Dunn

Director of Growth Marketing

"The sheer brilliance of easily syncing any data from any source into Google Sheets or Excel is amazing. It's dead simple to use, works smoothly, and gets the job done."

Sunil Neurgaonkar

Sunil Neurgaonkar

Marketer and Podcast Founder

"Precisely what I needed to assist me with marketing reports, and setting up connections was surprisingly simple. By removing multiple steps from the reporting procedure, this product saves my firm and me hours of work."

Kendall Fredrick

Kendall Fredrick

350,000+ happy users
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