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Popular Ways to Connect Redshift and Google Sheets

Sync all your cloud data in Sheets to analyze your databases in one place

Sync S3 logs in Sheets for real-time operational insights

Sync storage data in Sheets to streamline database migrations

Sync Redshift data to harness machine learning insights in Sheets

Sync your spend and space in Sheets to track storage costs

🔒 Is my data secure?

We do not save any customer data on our servers. We simply issue a query on your behalf and get out of the way.

Star Rating

“I love it. I use it everyday. I can’t imagine going back to downloading and uploading files, or manually tracking data sources and update history.”

Nish Ithayakumar
Global Head of Growth Strategy at Unity

Star Rating

“Coefficient is not only on top of it with their support but they are also super easy to use and integrate, with just a few clicks all of the data you need is there, and you can even adjust how the reports are made right within their toolbar. A must have for any team!”

Peter Khalil
Revenue Operations and Strategy at Ribbon

Star Rating

“I live in reporting and google sheets. This is the best ETL for sheets I’ve used. It has definitely increased my work efficiency.”

Ryan Stanley
Enterprise Systems – Solutions Manager at KeepTruckin

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