How Can I Import Excel Data into a Salesforce Custom Object?

Last Modified: March 7, 2024 - 2 min read

Julian Alvarado

Are you struggling with importing Excel data into Salesforce Custom Objects?

Look no further! This concise guide will walk you through the essential steps to get your data seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, with practical screenshots to guide your journey.

Understanding the Basics

First things first, you must be aware that directly importing opportunities using the Data Import Wizard in Salesforce is not possible. This limitation may initially seem daunting, but there’s a straightforward workaround by using the Data Loader tool.

Preparing Your Domain

Before diving into the actual import process, knowing your Salesforce domain is crucial. Navigate to the quick find box in Salesforce setup, search for “My Domain” to locate your current domain, and keep this information at hand. This will be vital for later steps.

Leverage for Import emerges as our go-to tool for importing data into Salesforce Custom Objects. After ascertaining your domain, move to, login, and prepare for the import process.

Commencing the Import Process

Log into Data Loader and initiate a new task for importing data.

This stage involves selecting the appropriate Salesforce object, uploading your prepared CSV file, and mapping your Excel columns to Salesforce fields.

Step 1. Start a new task in for data import.

Initiating a new data import task in platform.

Step 2. Select your target Salesforce object.

Choosing the appropriate Salesforce Custom Object for Excel data import in

Step 3. Upload your Excel data now in CSV format.

Uploading Excel data, converted to CSV format, for import into Salesforce via

Step 4. Map the Excel columns to the corresponding Salesforce fields.

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Checking newly imported records in Salesforce Custom Object to confirm successful data import.

Ensure a thorough review of your mappings to guarantee data integrity post-import.

Step 5. After executing the import, check back in Salesforce to confirm the successful migration of your Excel data into the chosen custom object.

Adjust the list view to include the creation date, aiding in locating your newly imported records.

Adjust the list view to include the creation date

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