Best Salesforce Query Tools in 2024

Published: May 25, 2024 - 3 min read

Hannah Recker

If you’ve ever tried to extract complex data from Salesforce, you know it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if you had a metal detector to zero in on exactly what you need?

That’s the power of a Salesforce query tool. In this post, we’ll explore some of the top options, including Coefficient, to help you find the right fit for your business.

Salesforce Developer Console

The Developer Console is Salesforce’s built-in tool for running SOQL queries. While it gets the job done, it’s better suited for admins and developers than everyday users.

Use Cases: Quick, one-off queries; troubleshooting issues; basic data extraction

Key Features:

  • Write and execute SOQL queries
  • View query results
  • Basic filtering and sorting


  • Included with Salesforce
  • Provides access to all objects and fields


  • Steep learning curve for non-technical users
  • Limited data visualization options
  • No ability to save or schedule queries

Salesforce Query Editor

Part of the Salesforce Extension Pack for VS Code, the Query Editor offers a more user-friendly interface for running SOQL queries.

Use Cases: Frequent queries; data analysis; report building

Key Features:

  • Write and execute SOQL queries
  • Syntax highlighting and auto-completion
  • Query results export


  • More intuitive interface than Developer Console
  • Productivity boosters like auto-complete
  • Integrates with VS Code for streamlined workflow


  • Still requires SOQL knowledge
  • Limited to 2000 records per query
  • No scheduling or automation features

Salesforce Inspector

This popular Chrome extension lets you dive deep into your Org’s metadata, including running SOQL queries.

Use Cases: Advanced data analysis; metadata exploration; org comparisons

Key Features:

  • Execute SOQL queries
  • View and edit record data
  • Compare orgs and metadata


  • Powerful tools for admins and developers
  • Edit data directly from query results
  • Great for org migrations and audits


  • Overkill for basic querying needs
  • Requires Salesforce and technical expertise
  • No query scheduling or sharing


Workbench is a web-based suite of tools for admins and developers to interact with Salesforce data and metadata.

Use Cases: Data loading and export; SOQL queries; Apex testing

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Key Features:

  • Query and manipulate data
  • Import and export data
  • Execute Apex tests


  • Robust feature set
  • No installation required
  • Useful for data migrations


  • Overwhelming for non-technical users
  • Limited query result display options
  • No direct integration with Salesforce


Homepage view of Coefficient showing features like no-code live data sync and automated alerts for Excel and Google Sheets.

Coefficient is a spreadsheet-based Salesforce integration that lets you query and manipulate data right in Google Sheets or Excel.

Use Cases: Ad-hoc data analysis; custom Salesforce reports; cross-object data blending

Key Features:

  • Import Salesforce data to Google Sheets or Excel
  • Automate data imports on a schedule
  • Build custom reports and dashboards
  • Write back data to Salesforce


  • No SOQL or coding required
  • Puts Salesforce data in a familiar spreadsheet interface
  • Enables complex data analysis and transformation
  • Automates reporting workflows


  • Requires a separate license
  • Some setup and training required
  • Spreadsheet functions can have a learning curve

Comparison Table

FeatureDeveloper ConsoleQuery EditorSalesforce InspectorWorkbenchCoefficient
PricingIncludedIncludedFreeFreePaid license
SOQL RequiredYesYesYesYesNo
InterfaceSalesforceVS CodeChrome ExtensionWeb AppGoogle Sheets / Excel
Record Limit50K2KNone50K1M+
Export ResultsNoYesYesYesYes
Edit DataNoNoYesYesYes
Query SchedulingNoNoNoNoYes
Report BuildingNoNoNoNoYes
External Data BlendingNoNoNoNoYes
Write-back to SalesforceNoNoNoNoYes


While Salesforce provides some native querying tools, they often fall short for complex data needs. Third-party options like Coefficient can dramatically streamline your reporting and analysis by integrating Salesforce with the flexible, familiar spreadsheet environment.

With Coefficient, you can build powerful queries, reports, and dashboards—no coding required. Plus, scheduled data syncs and writeback features keep everything up-to-date automatically, so you can focus on uncovering key insights.

Ready to uplevel your Salesforce reporting? Get started with Coefficient for free today and see what you’ve been missing. Your data will thank you.

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