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Salesforce Dashboard Examples: Top 6 for Sales Leaders

By Kevin Bartley

For sales leaders, dashboards allow them to make sense of the performance of their sales orgs and chart strategy for the sales cycle.

Sales dashboards are often built in Salesforce CRM by the SalesOps team. But the inherent limitations of Salesforce reporting make it cumbersome for the SalesOps team to create and maintain dashboards.

That’s why many SalesOps turn to the flexibility of spreadsheets to build their Salesforce dashboards.

However, this requires SalesOps to not only build dashboards in their spreadsheets. SalesOps users must also continuously copy-and-paste fresh Salesforce data into their spreadsheets to keep the dashboards up-to-date.

That’s why we built our free dashboard templates for SalesOps. Our templates allow SalesOps to launch pre-built Salesforce dashboards in Google Sheets, powered by real-time data from their Salesforce CRM.

Here are the top 6 Salesforce dashboards examples for sales leaders, along with pre-built Google Sheets templates for each one.

Accounts Overview Dashboard

An Accounts Overview Dashboard allows you to compare all of your customer accounts, side-by-side. For each customer account, monitor activity, track sales rep performance, and win future deals. Drill into specific accounts, including open opportunities, closed lost, and closed won timeline, to generate future sales with precision data. Download our free Salesforce Account Overview Dashboard below!

Download Salesforce Account Overview Dashboard

Pipeline Creation Dashboard

Our Salesforce Pipeline Creation Dashboard gives you a 360° view of pipeline creation, directly from Google Sheets, in a single click. Gain a comprehensive summary of all pipeline creation, across your sales reps and teams, based on your real-time Salesforce data. Visualize key pipeline creation metrics by day, week or month, so you can adjust prospecting tactics, create a surplus of opportunities, and smash sales goals. Download the free Salesforce dashboard below.

Download Salesforce Pipeline Creation Dashboard

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Sales Team Leaderboard

A Sales Rep Leaderboard allows you to foster a high-performance sales culture that thrives on winning. Harness pre-built leaderboard dashboards that visualize revenue, opps created, win rate, and other sales goals for individuals and teams across time periods and opportunity types.

For either your teams or individuals, see how they rank across all core business metrics. Quickly identify who has the highest win rate, best pipeline creation stats, shortest opp lifecycles and more. When reviewing a team or individual’s performance, simply select their name to highlight their ranking on all charts. Download the Salesforce Sales Rep Leaderboard Dashboard now!

Download Salesforce Sales Rep Leaderboard Dashboard

Win-Loss Analysis Dashboard

Our Win-Loss Template empowers sales professionals to monitor conversion rates across all sales units and reps using a centralized, pre-built Salesforce dashboard in Google Sheets. Accelerate revenue growth by reinvesting in winning initiatives, and cutting losing strategies quickly.

Pinpoint how company, team, and individual win rates fluctuate over time. Identify performance trends early to double-down on wins or adjust strategy where you have lower win rates. Generate a clean list of recently lost opportunities and why they failed. Download our free Win-Loss Template in one click.

Download Win-Loss Analysis Dashboard

Sales Opportunity Dashboard

Our Salesforce Sales Opportunity Dashboard enables sales teams to track your opportunities, from the first touch, to the final close. Combine the funnel with individual and team targets to merge monitoring with performance. Gain visibility into your opportunity pipeline by stage, for any month, quarter, or year — past, present, or future.

Track monthly KPIs, such as win rate, average deal size, and value of each stage or forecast category. Download the Salesforce Sales Opportunity Dashboard for free now to streamline your sales opportunities!

Download Salesforce Sales Opportunity Dashboard

Opportunity History Dashboard

Coefficient’s Opportunity History Template enables you to track sales forecast changes in your spreadsheet. The template shows how new sales pipelines, lost opportunities, changing close dates, and up-sells impact your bottom-line revenue streams.

Forget analyzing your sales data for hours. With Opportunity History Template, you can access these insights in just a few clicks. The template unleashes the full potential of Salesforce’s Opportunity History Field Tracking:

  • Track your sales pipeline over any period of time
  • Identify opportunities with value changes or time frame modifications
  • Set custom fiscal year periods and monitor changes by month, quarter, or year
  • Slice and dice opportunity changes by sales team, opportunity type, or account details
  • Identify changes to close dates, opportunity amounts, and other fields that affect sales forecast

You can launch our free Opportunity History Template in less than a minute. Give it a try!

Download Opportunity History Dashboard

Sales Leader Dashboards: Take the Burden Off Your Plate

Building Salesforce dashboards for sales leaders is a time-consuming process for SalesOps users. However, with our pre-built Google Sheets dashboards, you can reproduce your most valuable Salesforce dashboard directly inside your spreadsheet. The best part is that the dashboards are free – so you can try the ones in this blog or any other in our templates gallery right now!

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