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Sales KPIs Dashboard: 4 Free Google Sheets Templates

By Frank Ferris

SalesOps managers spend an inordinate amount of time creating and maintaining sales dashboards. From team leaderboards, to win-loss analysis, SalesOps managers are responsible for building the visualizations that inform sales strategy and decision-making at every level.

But fear not, under-resourced sales operation staff. Now you can use our pre-built sales dashboards in Google Sheets, instead of spending hours manually developing them. Download our free sales dashboard examples in the blog below so you can put them to use in your day-to-day sales processes.

Sales Performance Template

monthly sales by deal type dashboard

Our Sales Performance Template for Google Sheets allows sales teams set sales strategy, modify efforts, and generate new projects by tracking sales performance. You can use the dashboard to juxtapose year-over-year sales team performance by account, region, and industry.

View the Sales Performance Template to consume critical sales metrics at-a-glance, such as yearly historic revenue, and total sales by year, quarter, month, and week. You can toggle the dashboards between year, team, country, and opportunity using a simple drop-down menu.

Get a 360 vantage over monthly sales by deal type, by new business, existing business, and expansion. You can also see sales by country with a responsive geographic gradient map.

Keep track of your top 5 accounts and industries with up-to-date graphs powered by real-time CRM data. Try the free Google Sheets template now — connect your Salesforce or HubSpot data to power the dashboards.

Google Sheets Sales Performance Template (Salesforce)

Google Sheets Sales Performance Template (HubSpot)

Sales Opportunity Template

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Coefficient’s Sales Opportunity Template allows sales leaders to analyze open pipe by stage, along with sales quotas for reps and teams. Now you can automatically measure the pipeline created per sales rep and team.

Track monthly sales quotas across teams and reps.  Leverage a pre-built Opportunity List pivot table, and segment by team with the drop down menu. This adds point-and-click ease to tracking opportunities.

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So give it a try! Download our Google Sheets Sales Opportunity template now. You can connect the template to your Salesforce or HubSpot data.

Google Sheets Sales Opportunity Template (Salesforce)

Google Sheets Sales Opportunity Template (HubSpot)

Sales Accounts Template

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The Sales Accounts template offers a complete overview of all the accounts your sales team is working on. The pre-built Google Sheets template helps produce new business and accentuate client relationships. Now you can contrast every customer account, all within the same dashboard.

With the Sales Accounts Dashboard, you can view a comprehensive timeline of sales activity and summaries of performance metrics for all accounts. Track the sales reps associated with each account, and their main points of contact. Isolate lapsed accounts with no activity and revive them. Assign new deals and tasks to sales reps to streamline workflows and win more deals.

The Sales Accounts Dashboard is powered by your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data. In addition to automatic data updates, you can also set Slack and email alerts to notify you and your team of important changes to the data.

Google Sheets Sales Accounts Template (Salesforce)

Sales Accounts Template (HubSpot)

Pipeline Creation Template

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Our Pipeline Creation Dashboard allows sales leaders to achieve total visibility into pipeline creation for sales reps and teams. Automatically leverage your real-time Salesforce data to

With our free Pipeline Creation Dashboard, you’ll gain full visibility into pipeline creation across sales teams and reps. Launched in a single click, the pre-built dashboard visualizes pipeline generation metrics by day, week, or month, so you can easily understand how well your team is creating and closing business opportunities.

You can launch the Pipeline Creation Dashboard in under a minute. All you need to do is connect your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM system to Google Sheets with our free data connectors. Then the dashboard will instantly populate with your sales data. And the best part: the data automatically updates in your spreadsheet, so you won’t have to continuously copy-and-paste to refresh the dashboard.

Pipeline Creation Dashboard for Salesforce

Pipeline Creation Dashboard for HubSpot

Download our Free Sales KPIs Dashboard

Download our free sales KPI dashboards for Google Sheets right now for pre-built visualizations around your most relevant sales use case. Check out our entire collection of Salesforce and HubSpot templates and download them for free.

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