8 SaaS Affiliate Programs: A Combo to Scale Commissions

Published: October 25, 2023 - 4 min read

Hannah Recker

In the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, SaaS affiliate programs have risen to dominate as a powerful source of passive income.

These 8 software affiliate programs offer tech-savvy individuals the opportunity to promote high-quality SaaS products while earning consistent commissions.

The bonus? Each SaaS affiliate program listed has its own space in a team’s tech stack, meaning you can earn multiple commissions from just one person in your audience.

Coefficient – Live Data in Spreadsheets

Coefficient offers a solution for one of the most common spreadsheet dilemmas — stale data in Sheets. Become a Coefficient affiliate and introduce Connected Spreadsheets to your network. Enable them to thrive by automating and integrating live data from their CRM, BI platform, ads platforms, database, payment platforms, and more into their spreadsheets.

Commission Structure: 20% on new subscriptions for the first year

Cookie Policy: 60 days to sign up, 1 year from signup to paid

Payout Method: PayPal

Where to Sign Up: Join the Coefficient Affiliate Program

SEMRush – SEO & Content Marketing

SEMrush is a leading digital marketing software company that provides tools for SEO, content marketing, advertising, and competitive research. With an enticing commission structure and the widespread appeal of SEO, this affiliate program deems a lucrative opportunity. 

Commission Structure: 20% on new subscriptions for the first year

Commission Structure: Varies based on the product, with up to 40% recurring commission

Cookie Policy: 120 days

Payout Method: Wire transfer, PayPal, or check

Where to Sign Up: Join the SemRush Affiliate Program

Shopify – eCommerce Software

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage online stores. This leading platform boasts an equally robust software affiliate program. With the surge in online businesses, Shopify’s affiliate program is a valuable asset.

Commission Structure: Up to $2,000 for each new merchant

Cookie Policy: 30 days

Payout Method: Direct deposit

Where to Sign Up: Join the Shopify Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels – Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that helps businesses create marketing funnels and sales pages, a pivotal element of online marketing. It’s simple, predictable, and streamlines your earning potential. 

Commission Structure: 30% recurring for new subscriptions

Cookie Policy: 45 days

Payout Method: Direct bank transfer

Where to Sign Up: Join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Adobe Creative Cloud – Apps for Design

Adobe offers a suite of creative software tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The Adobe Creative Cloud, beloved by creative professionals, offers an affiliate program where you can earn handsome commissions for each Creative Cloud subscription sold.

Commission Structure: Depends on the product you sell

Commission for Creative Cloud & Document Cloud

  • Monthly subscriptions: 85% of first month
  • Yearly subscriptions (monthly payment): 85% of first month
  • Yearly subscriptions (one-time payment): 8.33% of first year

Commission for Adobe Stock

  • Monthly subscriptions: US$72
  • Yearly subscriptions: (monthly payment): US$72
  • Single Purchase: (one-time payment): 8.33%
  • 3 standard assets a month (monthly payment): 85% of first month

Cookie Policy: Varies by region

Coefficient Excel Google Sheets Connectors
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Payout Method: Check with the Adobe Affiliate Program for available payout methods

Where to Sign Up: Join the Adobe Affiliate Program

Woorise – Giveaways & Contests

Woorise is a platform that offers solutions for creating interactive and engaging online campaigns, including contests, giveaways, quizzes, surveys, and forms. Affiliates can earn commissions by referring businesses and marketers eager to engage and expand their audience with interactive promotion.

Commission Structure: 30% recurring

Cookie Policy: 90 days

Payout Method: PayPal

Where to sign up: Join the Woorise Affiliate Program

Unbounce – Landing Pages

Unbounce is a landing page and conversion optimization platform. Unbounce offers affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions by referring businesses and marketers in need of high-converting landing pages. The Unbounce affiliate program is your path to substantial rewards and a cutting-edge solution for optimizing conversion rates.

Commission Structure: 20% recurring

Cookie Policy: 90 days

Payout Method: PayPal or Stripe

Where to Sign Up: Join the Unbounce Affiliate Program

Hubspot – CRM & Marketing Automation

HubSpot is a renowned CRM and marketing automation platform that provides inbound marketing and sales software to help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. Its affiliate program offers a tiered commission structure, ensuring that your earnings grow with your referral.

Commission Structure: 30% for the first year 

Cookie Policy: 90 days

Payout Method: Bank transfer or check

Where to Sign Up: Join the Hubspot Affiliate Program

Overview of the Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

Software affiliate programs have evolved into a goldmine for affiliate marketers, offering an avenue to generate recurring passive income by promoting sought-after products and services.

These eight programs represent exceptional choices across the marketplace – that don’t compete with one another – for those embarking on an affiliate marketing journey.

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