Quota Attainment: How to Measure in 2024 (With Template)

Published: March 31, 2024 - 6 min read

Julian Alvarado

Achieving and surpassing sales quotas is critical, but understanding and optimizing quota attainment can be complex. Sales operations and leadership teams often struggle with manual data consolidation and the need for real-time insights to drive strategies.

Coefficient’s Quota Attainment Dashboard streamlines the process of calculating this vital metric, giving you actionable insights to excel in your sales operations.

Understanding Quota Attainment

Quota attainment measures the percentage of sales quota achieved by a salesperson or team over a specific period. It provides insight into individual and team performance, highlighting who is overperforming or underperforming against their sales objectives.

High quota attainment rates indicate effective sales strategies and execution, while lower rates may signal misaligned quotas, market challenges, or areas where additional support is needed.

Why Quota Attainment Matters:

  1. Aligns performance and compensation, fostering accountability and motivation
  2. Guides strategic decisions on resource allocation, territories, and forecasting
  3. Reveals patterns and bottlenecks, helping streamline sales operations

Factors Affecting Quota Attainment:

  • Industry dynamics and varying sales cycles
  • Effectiveness of sales strategies (inbound, outbound, account-based)
  • Market conditions (economic trends, competition, demand shifts)
  • Organizational changes (restructuring, product launches, strategic shifts)

How to Calculate Quota Attainment

To calculate quota attainment, use this easy formula:

Quota attainment: (Actual Sales / Sales Quota) x 100

  • Actual Sales: The revenue a sales representative or team generates in a given period.
  • Quota: The target revenue set for that representative or team in the same period.

Using Coefficient to Calculate Quota Attainment

Coefficient’s Sales Opportunity Dashboard for Google Sheets makes it easy to track and analyze your team’s quota attainment.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use it:

Step 1: Download the (Free) Quota Attainment Dashboard

To start, head to Coefficient.io.

Enter your work email in the box and click ‘Get Free Template.’ 

Inputting a work email to download Quota Attainment Dashboard template.

You can save the template to your Google account by clicking the ‘Use Template’ button at the top right corner of your screen.

Saving the Quota Attainment Dashboard template to a Google account.

Coefficient will open in a new spreadsheet.

Viewing the Quota Attainment Dashboard in a new Coefficient spreadsheet.

If this is your first time using Coefficient, you’ll need to add it as an add-on to Google Sheets. Click ‘Add to Sheets’ to continue.

Adding Coefficient to Google Sheets as an add-on for the first time.

Hit the ‘Install’ button and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Completing the installation of the Coefficient add-on in Google Sheets.

Step 2: Connect Coefficient to Salesforce

After installation is complete, click ‘Done’ to return to your spreadsheet.

Returning to the spreadsheet after successfully installing Coefficient.

Click ‘Connect to Salesforce’ from the Coefficient menu on the right-hand side of your spreadsheet.

Initiating Salesforce connection from Coefficient's menu in Google Sheets.

Follow the prompts to authorize Coefficient to yoru Salesforce account.

Completing Salesforce account authorization via Coefficient.

If successful, you’ll see the following notification at the top of your spreadsheet.

Viewing Salesforce connection success notification in Google Sheets with Coefficient.

To update your data, navigate to the ‘Salesforce Import’ tab of your spreadsheet and click ‘Refresh.’

Updating Salesforce data in Coefficient by refreshing the 'Salesforce Import' tab.

You can also auto-refresh your data by clicking ‘Set Refresh Schedule.’

Setting an auto-refresh schedule for Salesforce data in Coefficient.

Set up an hourly, daily, or weekly auto-refresh schedule, and Coefficient will automatically update your data based on that time interval.

Automating Salesforce data exports to Google Sheets with Coefficient.

That means, going forward, Coefficient will automate your Salesforce data exports to Google Sheets for you.

Step 3. Customize Your Dashboard

Tailor the template to your organization’s unique needs by navigating to the ‘Settings’ tab.

You can customize by:

Coefficient Excel Google Sheets Connectors
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Get Started

Company Information: Add your domain URL, logo, and fiscal year start date.

Tailoring the Coefficient dashboard to organizational needs in the 'Settings' tab.

Opportunity Size Buckets: Define the deal size ranges for analysis.

Setting deal sizes for analysis in Coefficient's Quota Attainment Dashboard.

Pipeline Stages: Match the stages to your HubSpot sales pipeline.

Adjusting the dashboard's pipeline stages to match HubSpot sales pipeline.

Team Members: Include details about your sales team for personalized insights.

Adding sales team information for personalized insights on the dashboard.

With just a few simple customizations, you can transform the Sales Opportunity Dashboard into a powerful tool tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Deep Dive into the Quota Attainment Template

The Sales Opportunity Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your quota attainment and so much more.

The Open Pipe by Stage chart breaks down the value of your open pipeline by each stage of your sales process. This allows you to quickly identify where the majority of your pipeline value lies and which stages may require more attention or resources to move deals forward.

Visualizing open pipeline distribution by sales stages on the dashboard.

The Sales to Quota graph shows your actual sales performance against your quota over time. This visualization helps you track your progress towards hitting your sales targets, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategies.

Graph showing sales performance compared to quotas over time on the dashboard.

The Key Metrics by Month table provides a detailed overview of your key sales metrics, such as quota, closed won, percentage to quota, and pipeline created, on a monthly basis. This granular data allows you to analyze your performance over time, spot trends, and identify areas for improvement.

Monthly breakdown of sales metrics including quota attainment in the dashboard table.

The Opportunity List table gives you a comprehensive view of all your opportunities, including key details such as stage, amount, close date, and next steps. This table enables you to dive into the specifics of each deal, prioritize your efforts, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Comprehensive view of sales opportunities detailing stages, amounts, and dates on the dashboard.

Actionable Insights from Quota Attainment Analysis

Quota attainment data empowers you to make strategic decisions and optimize your sales performance:

  • Identify top performers: Recognize and learn from the strategies of reps consistently exceeding their quotas, and share their best practices with the team.
  • Provide targeted coaching: Offer personalized support and training to reps struggling to meet their quotas, addressing specific areas for improvement.
  • Align territories and quotas: Ensure that quotas are fair and achievable by analyzing historical performance data and making adjustments as needed.

The Power of Live Data

Coefficient’s dashboard templates leverage real-time data, enabling you to:

  • Quickly spot and respond to changes in quota attainment trends
  • Make decisions based on the most current information
  • Tailor your analysis to your specific priorities and needs
  • Easily collaborate and share insights across your organization

Elevate Your Sales Performance

Mastering your quota attainment is essential for driving sales growth and improving overall performance.

Coefficient’s Quota Attainment Dashboard arms you with the tools and insights needed to make data-driven decisions and optimize your sales strategies.

Don’t wait – download the free uota Attainment Dashboard Template or sign up for Coefficient today and start boosting your sales performance!

Chart Your Path to Quota Attainment Mastery

Embark on a journey towards strategic excellence in sales operations with the Quota Attainment Dashboard Template or sign up for Coefficient today .  

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