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Top 9 HubSpot Integrations (2023 Updated Edition)

By Kevin Bartley

We’re excited to announce that Coefficient was just named to HubSpot’s Sales Solutions App Collection! The Sales Solutions App Collection highlights best-in-class sales apps in the HubSpot Marketplace that supercharge sales enablement, proposal management, eSignature services, and more.

Now that we’ve taken our place alongside some of the top HubSpot integrations, we wanted to highlight our favorite picks in the collection. You can use the following HubSpot integrations with Coefficient to streamline sales operations, run more efficient sales teams, and drive revenue with data-driven tactics.

Here are the top 9 HubSpot integrations in 2023, along with how they can accelerate your sales operation and sales team.

1. Coefficient

hubspot integration google sheets

HubSpot offers built-in reporting and dashboarding capabilities for marketing campaigns. But many users still prefer to analyze and visualize their HubSpot CRM data in spreadsheets. This allows them to streamline analysis, generate deeper insights, and blend HubSpot data with other data sources.

But pulling HubSpot data into spreadsheets is time-consuming and annoying. Most users spend hours copy-pasting HubSpot CSVs, or tinkering with the platform’s highly manual Google Sheets integration.

That’s where Coefficient comes in.

Coefficient enables you to integrate HubSpot with Google Sheets in a single click. This allows you to instantly pull your HubSpot data into Google Sheets, minus the manual workflow configurations. Coefficient’s automatic data updates also ensure that your data in Google Sheets is always synced with HubSpot.

With automatic data updates, you can access and analyze real-time data in your spreadsheets. That means your reports and dashboards are always up-to-date, so you never have to rebuild the assets you share with your team. This improves sales operations and reallocates SalesOps users to more important tasks.

Coefficient also offers pre-built dashboard templates for your HubSpot CRM data. Now you can instantly launch HubSpot dashboards in Google Sheets for key sales use cases, such as sales pipeline analysis, sales to target, and win-loss analysis. Check out all of Coefficient’s HubSpot templates for Google Sheets.

For more on Coefficient’s HubSpot integration, read some of our other articles on the topic:

2. Unito

Unito is a no-code workflow management solution with two-way integrations for some of the most popular tools on the market, including HubSpot, Asana, Google Sheets, Jira, and more. These integrations can turn HubSpot deals, tickets, and tasks into work items for other tools and keep everything in sync.

You can build a Unito flow in just a few minutes, use rules to filter out HubSpot items you don’t want synced, and apply deep field mappings to make sure your data always ends up in the right place. With Unito’s HubSpot integration, you can bring your customer-facing teams back into the fold — without making them learn a whole new tool.

Over 100K pros building reports use Coefficient to automate business systems data into their Google Sheets
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Yonatan Schvimer

3. Calendly

calendar integration hubspot

Calendly’s HubSpot integration empowers sales reps to improve outbound prospecting performance through scheduling automation. Sales reps can automatically schedule meetings with hot leads, cutting out the back-and-forth, leading to higher sales velocity and more closed deals.

The Calendly HubSpot integration allows you to embed Calendly on HubSpot websites and emails, create HubSpot contacts when a meeting is scheduled, collect information from custom questions, and more. Calendly’s HubSpot integration takes less than an hour to set up, from start to finish.

4. Wappalyzer

wappalyzer hubspot integration

Wappalyzer tracks the tech stacks of millions of websites, allowing sales professionals to generate leads, perform market research, and engage in competitor analysis. Wappalyzer’s HubSpot integration imports and displays this information alongside HubSpot contacts within the CRM platform.

The integration enables sales reps to quickly synthesize HubSpot prospect information and Wappalyzer’s insights, including contact details and metadata. This empowers reps to find more opportunities, create more targeted pitches based around specific tech stacks, and ultimately win more deals.

5. Uponent

uponent hubspot integration

Uponent’s HubSpot integration motivates sales reps in your organization through healthy competition, in the form of versus-style dashboards, fun achievements, and elevating wins internally. This helps your reps drive performance and increase adoption of your revenue platforms.

The integration automatically displays HubSpot data on leaderboards in Uponent, including deals created, booked meetings, and more. Sales reps can also create goal-based competitions tied to HubSpot deals, collect achievements based on HubSpot metrics, and celebrate with personalized win songs.

6. SalesRabbit

sales rabbit hubspot integration

SalesRabbit offers a HubSpot integration that enables field sales teams to boost revenue by driving efficiencies in the sales process. Field sales teams leverage SalesRabbit for all aspects of selling, including to generate leads, manage sales areas, track rep performance, and execute digital contracts.

SalesRabbit’s HubSpot integration offers field sales reps a command center for daily sales activities. The HubSpot integration comes with a sales route planner to reach appointments faster, AI functions that identify ideal customers on a map, and a business search tool featuring over 150 million companies.

7. Leadjet

leadjet hubspot integration

The Leadjet HubSpot integration lets sales reps export and enrich LinkedIn contacts in HubSpot. With the integration, reps can easily find qualified emails and phone numbers, sync LinkedIn conversations, use smart message templates, and more, to enhance and speed up the sales cycle.

The HubSpot integration creates HubSpot contacts from LinkedIn profiles in a single click, auto-updates contacts when LinkedIn information changes, and syncs LinkedIn conversations in contact notes. Leadjet combines the best of HubSpot and the best of LinkedIn to turbocharge the selling process.

8. Clearbit

clearbit hubspot integration

Clearbit for HubSpot allows you to enrich your CRM database with 100+ B2B data points, such as industry, role, technographics, and more. Sales reps can use this added dimension of data to sell more effectively and efficiently, automate sales workflows, refine segmentation, and improve sales alerting.

With Clearbit for HubSpot, sales reps can shorten lead forms by auto-filling boxes for prospects,  instantly score and route  leads, and personalize communications with enriched Clearbit data. B2B sales teams can produce more qualified leads and more deals by leveraging Clearbit for HubSpot.

9. Mindtickle

mindtickle hubspot integration

Mindtickle integrates its Call AI product with HubSpot. The two-way integration maps Call AI recordings of sales calls to standard objects in HubSpot, including contact, company, and deal. This allows sales reps to deploy important information from sales calls during the selling process.

The Call AI HubSpot integration offers more customer insights, performance benchmarks, individual coaching based on AI, and more. The integration also allows reps to sync data between Mindtickle and HubSpot.

HubSpot Sales Solutions App Collection: Top Integrations of 2023

HubSpot is a robust CRM platform that is made even more powerful by integrations with other sales apps. Our customers often combine Coefficient not just with HubSpot, but also with the other integrations in this blog, to maximize the efficacy of their sales process.

We’re thrilled to join HubSpot’s Sales Solutions App Collection alongside so many of these other top integrations, and we’re looking forward to seeing our customers leverage Coefficient with these other integrations to data-driven, scalable sales operations.

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