How to Add Trendline in Google Sheets: A Quick and Easy Guide

Published: December 15, 2023 - 2 min read

Krishna Bheda

Trendlines in Google Sheets are essential for visualizing data trends, making predictions, and streamlining business operations.

This guide will walk you through adding a trendline to your charts, specifically focusing on business data like sales trends or budget forecasts.

Accessing Google Sheets

Log into your Google Account and navigate to Google Sheets.

Plotting a Graph

Inputting Data

Before creating a graph with a trendline in Google Sheets, the first step is to input the data.

Organize the data in two columns, with the independent variable (e.g., Month) in the first column and the dependent variable (e.g., sales) in the second column.

For example:


Sales ($)







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Creating a Chart

Once the data is inputted, it’s time to create a chart.

Inputting monthly sales data in Google Sheets.

Follow these steps to create a scatterplot chart:

  1. Select the data: Click and drag over the data cells to select the entire range of data.
Selecting data range for scatterplot chart in Google Sheets.

2. Insert a chart: Go to Insert in the menu bar and choose Chart from the dropdown menu. A default chart will be created.

Inserting a chart in Google Sheets from the menu.

3. Choose scatterplot: In the Chart Editor sidebar that appears on the right, click the Chart type dropdown and select Scatter chart.

Choosing scatterplot as the chart type in Google Sheets.

4. Add a trendline: In the Chart Editor sidebar, click on the Customize tab. Then, click on Series and check the Trendline checkbox.

Adding a trendline to the scatterplot in Google Sheets.


Trendlines in Google Sheets offer a powerful way to visualize data trends, crucial for strategic planning in business operations.

Integrating tools like Coefficient can further enhance your data analysis capabilities by connecting live data from various business solutions directly to your spreadsheets.

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