How to Connect Jotform to Google Sheets

Last Modified: June 16, 2024 - 4 min read

Hannah Recker
Connect Jotform to Google Sheets

Do you collect data through Jotform and want an easy way to analyze it in Google Sheets?

By connecting Jotform to Google Sheets using Coefficient, you can import all your forms and submissions into a spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

Unlock the power of Google Sheets to manage and report on your Jotform data more effectively.

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Advantages of using Google Sheets to Analyze Jotform Data

  • Centralized form management: Consolidate your Jotform forms and submissions in a single Google Sheet for easier organization and access.
  • Powerful data analysis: Take advantage of Google Sheets formulas, functions, and charts to analyze your Jotform data from every angle.
  • Real-time collaboration: Share your Jotform data with teammates in Google Sheets and collaborate on tracking form performance and acting on submissions.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Connecting Jotform to Google Sheets

Excited to take your Jotform data analysis to the next level? Follow these steps to connect Jotform to Google Sheets using Coefficient:

Step 1. Install Coefficient Add-on in Google Sheets

Navigate to the top menu and click ‘Extensions’ > Add-ons > Get add-ons.

find coefficient jotform connector for google sheets

This will launch Google Workspace Marketplace.

Type “Coefficient” in the search bar. Select the first app that appears.

install coefficient jotform connector for google sheets

Grant Coefficient access your Google Account by clicking ‘Allow,’ when prompted.

authorize coefficient to export jotform data into google sheets

Coefficient will appear in the extension menu of Google Sheets.  

Navigate to the app and click ‘Launch.’

launch coefficient to connect jotform to google sheets

Coefficient will open on the right-hand side of your spreadsheet.

coefficient sidebar open select to connect to jotform

Step 2. Add Jotform as a data source in Coefficient

Click “Import From…” in the side panel and select Jotform from the list.

connect jotform to google sheets

Enter your Jotform API key to connect your account. Click ‘Connect’.

jotform api key to connect to google sheets

Step 3. Preview and import a list of your Jotform forms

After you complete authentication, select “Start from Scratch” from the next menu.

select data fields to export jotform data into google sheets

In the import preview, select ‘Get Forms’ from the dropdown. Click ‘Preview’.

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export jotform forms into google sheets

Review the list of your Jotform forms.

pull jotform forms into google sheets

Click ‘Import’ to fetch the data into Google Sheets .

Step 4. Import submissions for a specific form

Copy the ID of the form you want to import submissions for from the imported forms list.

preview jotform form data before pulling into google sheets

Click “Request” from the left-hand side of your screen.

select jotform data to export to google sheets

Back in the import preview, select “Get Form Submissions.”

export form submissions from jotform to google sheets

Paste the form ID from step 4 into the field and click ‘Preview.’

jotform parameters for google sheets import

Select the fields you want to include, arrange them in your desired order and click ‘Import’ to fetch the form submissions into your Google Sheets  spreadsheet.

import jotform to google sheets

Use Cases for Managing Jotform Data in Google Sheets

Connecting Jotform to Google Sheets with Coefficient enables you to:

  • Manage form inventory: Quickly identify forms that are inactive or outdated and need attention.
  • Measure form performance: Track submission volume and trends for each form over time to evaluate performance.
  • Report on submissions: Get a bird’s-eye view of all form submissions in a spreadsheet for convenient analysis and reporting.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Live Jotform Data in Google Sheets

  • Automate data refreshes: Set Coefficient to refresh your Jotform data daily or weekly to ensure you’re always working with the latest submissions.
  • Build summary tables: Use pivot tables in Google Sheets to aggregate and summarize your Jotform submission data.
  • Collaborate with others: Share your Jotform spreadsheet with teammates to collaborate on submission monitoring and analysis.

Bring Your Jotform Data to Life in Google Sheets with Coefficient

With Coefficient, connecting Jotform to Google Sheets is a breeze. In minutes, you can import your forms and submissions into a spreadsheet, where you can leverage the full power of Google Sheets to manage, analyze and report on your data more efficiently.

Install Coefficient now to start centralizing and actioning your Jotform data in Google Sheets.

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