Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge

Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge

Our winners won $6,000 by building the ultimate sales dashboards in Google Sheets

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Watch the live discussion covering each of the top 5 dashboards!

Using pre-supplied Salesforce CRM data, our participants each built a sales dashboard that tracked deals, sales performance and core KPIs in Google Sheets for the mysterious Dr. von Brunswick’s world-renowned chocolate factory.

Hear feedback on the dashboards from our esteemed judges – Google Sheets expert, Ben Collins, RevOps leader, Heidi Thompson, and spreadsheets slayer, Frank Ferris.


The winner of the challenge earned $5,000 and eternal bragging rights. Katey Adams’ sales dashboard will no doubt carry on throughout the ages.

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3rd Place


Code of Honor

Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge

Spreadsheet Gladiators adhere to the highest standards of competition. The following are the rules and regulations of the most creative spreadsheet contest of all time.

This spreadsheet gladiator challenge is now open to current college students as an annual scholarship. Click here to learn more and apply.