Spreadsheet Escape Room

Win $2,000 by conquering the ultimate Google Sheets escape room.

Catch the World’s Most Wanted Man!

The ex-CFO of Vanitas Capital has embezzled over $3 billion dollars. As the top forensic accountant for the FBI’s financial crimes unit, you must unwind the disgraced financier’s trail of deceit.

But as you comb through the ex-CFO’s spreadsheets, you uncover a plot far more sinister. Soon you’re trapped in a criminal mastermind’s elaborate game, a spreadsheet escape room with seemingly no way out.

Tom Arnold explains the escape room

Claim the Fastest Time — Win $2,000

Participants with the top five fastest times will win a chance to compete on a livestream competition featuring a leaner, meaner escape room. The winner of the livestream will win $2,000!

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Code of Honor

Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge #2

Spreadsheet Gladiators adhere to the highest standards of competition. The following are the rules and regulations for the most creative spreadsheet contest of all time.