How to Connect Pipedrive to Google Sheets

Last Modified: July 5, 2023 - 5 min read

Hannah Recker

Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management solution built by salespeople, for salespeople.

The platform adheres to the activity-based selling methodology, allowing sales teams to track and optimize every action during the sales process.

Although Pipedrive offers native reporting capabilities, many sales teams encounter the platform’s limitations and leave for spreadsheets.

With spreadsheets, sales teams can analyze their Pipedrive data with more flexibility and customizability.

However, importing Pipedrive data into spreadsheets is a cumbersome, inefficient process. Salespeople must manually copy-paste the data into spreadsheets, wasting time and causing errors.  

But that all changes with our new Pipedrive connector for Google Sheets.

With our free connector, sales teams can now automatically import Pipedrive data into Google Sheets, schedule data updates, and launch Slack alerts based on the data.

Read on to learn how to set up our Pipedrive connector for Google Sheets, and the benefits it can bring your sales team.

Video Walkthrough: How to Connect Pipedrive to Google Sheets

Pipedrive to Google Sheets: Top Use Cases

When we surveyed our user base about new connectors, Pipedrive was at the top of the list. From the survey results, we logged a number of critical use cases that we want to share with you.

The following use cases represent just a fraction of the ways users combine Google Sheets and Pipedrive data. But they are a representative sample of how sales teams are utilizing spreadsheets to unlock the full potential of their data.

Sales Forecasting

Many SalesOps users turn to spreadsheets for sales forecasting, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular use cases for Pipedrive data among sales teams.

Sales teams pair Pipedrive data, such revenue, CAC, opportunities, and deal size, with the power of Google Sheets to create robust forecasting models.

Google Sheets allows SalesOps users to tie techniques such as linear regression and data visualization to the agile interface of spreadsheets. This makes it easier to construct and test forecasting models.

Read some of our blogs on sales forecasting and reporting to learn more.

Optimize Sales Performance

Importing Pipedrive data into Google Sheets allows sales teams to optimize sales performance across a range of activities.

Track and improve sales productivity tasks, like meetings booked, emails sent, and calls made. Also analyze key sales metrics, such as highest win rate, best pipeline creation stats, shortest opp lifecycles, and more.

"What an amazing app! Coefficient makes integrating some of the most complex systems unbelievably simple! Set up your integrations in less than a minute."

- Yonatan Schvimer

Over 150K pros building reports use Coefficient to automate business systems data into their Google Sheets

These findings will allow you to adjust sales tactics, close more deals, and improve your bottom line revenue.

Tracking New Leads/Deals

Many of our customers leverage spreadsheets to track new leads and deals in Pipedrive. Every time a new deal or lead is created in Pipedrive, a corresponding row is created in Google Sheets.

Our customers use our Slack alerts feature to receive a notification every time one of these new rows is created. This allows sales reps to stay on top of new leads faster, and keep track of when deals are closed.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough: How to Connect Pipedrive to Google Sheets

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how to connect Pipedrive to Google Sheets with Coefficient.

Step 1: Click Extensions from the Google Sheets menu. Choose Add-ons -> Get add-ons. This will display the Google Workspace Marketplace.


Search for “Coefficient”. Click on the Coefficient app in the search results.

Pasted image 0

Accept the prompts to install.


Once installation is finished, return to Extensions on the Google Sheets menu. Coefficient will be available as an add-on.


Now launch the app. Coefficient will run on the sidebar of your Google Sheet.

Step 2: After that, select Import From… on the Coefficient sidebar


Choose Pipedrive from the list of data sources.

Pasted image 0

You can import data from Objects & Fields or your Library (your collection of saved imports).

Let’s import from Objects & Fields. Select the type of Object you want to import. This includes:

  • Deals
  • Leads
  • Notes
  • Persons
  • Organizations
Pasted image 0

Your Pipedrive data will appear in Coefficient’s data inline previewer, a visual UI that allows you to import the associated data with point-and-click functionality.

Pasted image 0

Once you select the data you want to pull, press the ‘Import’ button.

Step 3: Coefficient automatically refreshes your Pipedrive data to keep it up-to-date in Google Sheets. You can configure the refresh to occur hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Pasted image 0

Coefficient also enables you to refresh data instantly by clicking the Refresh button at the top of your imported dataset.

Finally, set up Slack and email notifications for important KPIs and reports to keep your team members in the know.

Pasted image 0

Now all your team members can stay in the loop automatically.

Pipedrive to Google Sheets: Completely Unlock Your Sales Data

Many sales teams import their Pipedrive data into Google Sheets to perform sales forecasting, sales performance optimization, and tracking new leads.

And now we’ve made it easier than ever.

Try our new Pipedrive connector for Google Sheets to pull your sales data into your spreadsheet instantly.  

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Hannah Recker was a data-driven growth marketer before partying in the data became a thing. In her 12 years experience, she's become fascinated with the way data enablement amongst teams can truly make or break a business. This fascination drove her to taking a deep dive into the data industry over the past 4 years in her work at StreamSets and Coefficient.
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