How to Insert Superscript in Google Sheets: A Quick Tutorial

Last Modified: February 14, 2024 - 2 min read

Hannah Recker

TL;DR: To use superscript in Google Sheets, select your text, go to ‘Format’ > ‘Text’ > ‘Superscript,’ or use Ctrl + . (Cmd + . on Mac). Remove superscript with the same steps.

How to Insert a Superscript in Google Sheets

This tutorial will walk you through how to apply and remove superscript in your Google Sheets

Step 1: Open Your Google Sheet

Open the Google Sheets document where you need to use superscript.

Step 2: Select the Text for Superscript

Click on the cell with the text you want to format. If you only want to superscript part of the text in a cell, double-click the cell and highlight the specific text.

Step 3: Applying Superscript

With your text selected, click on the ‘Format’ menu in the menu bar, hover over ‘Text,’ and then select ‘Superscript.’ Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + . (Cmd + . on Mac).

Step 4: Removing Superscript

To remove superscript formatting, reselect the text or cell and follow the same path: ‘Format’ > ‘Text’ > ‘Superscript’, or use the keyboard shortcut again.

Tips for Using Superscript Effectively:

  1. Mathematical and Scientific Data: Use superscript for mathematical powers or chemical formulas to maintain accuracy and readability.
  2. Referencing and Footnotes: Apply superscript for reference numbers if you’re including footnotes or endnotes in your document.
  3. Consistency in Formatting: Ensure that your use of superscript is consistent throughout the document for professionalism and clarity.

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