8 Free Contract Templates for Google Docs

Last Modified: May 14, 2024 - 5 min read

Hannah Recker
Free Contract Templates

Discover free, easy-to-use contract templates for Google Docs that enhance your client agreements. This post highlights eight impressive templates designed for efficiency and customization. And, the versatility and accessibility of these templates empower users to navigate various types of transactions with confidence and clarity.

Automate and personalize your contracts with these top picks!

Template 1: Portant’s Automated Contract Template

free contract templates by portant

Why We Love It: Automation simplifies scaling. Forget manual adjustments; Portant’s template automates contract creation as your needs grow. Customize and auto-share contracts effortlessly, putting your contract management on autopilot.

Portant’s Google Docs contract template allows you to automate your agreements efficiently. This pre-built template allows for seamless eSigning and automation, saving you valuable time and effort. That’s why this template is the most unique.

Use Portant’s template to automate your agreements efficiently. Click the “Use Contract Template” button, start a Portant Workflow, duplicate it, and connect your data. Insert tags into your template so your contracts are set to automate themselves. Ideal for businesses looking to save time and reduce manual input.

automate contract templates

Template 2: Template.net Contract Template 

template.net contract templates

Why We Love It: Designed by legal professionals, this template guarantees clarity, comprehensive coverage, and legal compliance, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and transactions.

Template.net’s Contract Template was crafted by legal experts, so ensures clarity, comprehensiveness, and compliance. Whether you’re dealing with sales, services, or other transactions, this template ensures legal precision and efficiency.

Template 3: Freelance Contract Template

freelance contract template

Why We Love It: It’s tailored for freelancers who need quick, legally solid agreements without the complexity of legal jargon.

ClickUp’s Free Freelancer Contract Template provides full clarity to your clients and establishes professionalism and security. Define project scope, payment terms, and deadlines clearly. Protect your intellectual property and set transparent expectations for a smoother freelance experience. You can also provide custom statuses, fields, and views, ensuring clear organization and management of contract details in ClickUp and beyond. 

Template 4: Library of Contract Templates

goodocs contract templates for google docs

Why We Love It: You’ll access a vast selection of over 5,000 templates for contracts, agreements, budgets, invoices, and more, all designed to save you time and money.

Each template within GooDocs Library of templates  is customizable and accessible, ready to meet diverse needs across Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Use templates directly or customize them without the need for an email signup. Templates are easy to work with across all devices.

Template 5: Google Docs Extension of Contract Templates

contract template extension

Why We Love It: Similar to GooDocs, Templates for Docs Integrates directly with Google Docs for seamless template creation and customization without switching apps.

Templates for Docs acts as an extension embedded directly into Google Docs. Browse thousands of templates including contracts, business cards, and letters, all within Google Docs. Simply choose a template, click “Create Copy.”

Instantly, a new file will be generated, pre-populated with your selected template, ready for you to personalize with your information. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for templates elsewhere and embrace the convenience of accessing and customizing templates directly within Google Docs.

Template 6: Sales Contract Template

sales contract template

Why We Love It: We love this template for its clarity and directness. Easily identify necessary changes by highlights throughout the Google Doc.

EasyLegalDocs.com provides several free sales contract templates that ensure that details like pricing, item descriptions, and payment terms are clearly outlined. They’re suitable for diverse sales scenarios, and enhance transparency and professionalism in transactions.

This versatility underscores the document’s importance as a protective, transparent, and professional instrument in business dealings.

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Template 7: Fixed-Priced Google Docs Contracts

fixed price contract template

Why We Love It: This template provides a predictable cost framework, ideal for projects with defined scopes.

PM-training.net provides a handful of free fixed-price contract templates for Google Docs. There aren’t many fixed-price contract templates on the web, which is why we’ve included it in our list.

This selection of fixed-price contract templates is particularly simple to access and use. These templates ensure cost stability and are perfect for projects where budget and scope are clearly defined. 

When considering the use of fixed-price contracts, having a clear project scope and fair pricing, alongside confidence in cost stability throughout the project, are key determinants. 

Alternatively, cost plus contracts project costs plus a fee, making them suitable for scenarios where project costs are uncertain. The choice between fixed-price and cost-plus contracts hinges on project specifics, including complexity, budget, and level of uncertainty, ensuring the most suitable contract type is selected for project success.

Template 8: Employment Contract Template

employment contract template

Why We Love It: This template streamlines the hiring process by providing a clear, customizable framework for employment terms. You’ll be customizing it in seconds.

Signhouse provides a library of free contract templates that are available for free download on Gumroad, making this W9 contract template the easiest to get started with out of the bunch. In seconds, you can streamline your hiring process with a standardized framework for outlining crucial employment terms and conditions.

For employers, having a readily available template expedites the hiring process, enabling them to promptly extend offers to prospective employees. Likewise, employees benefit from the clarity and transparency afforded by this template, ensuring they understand their rights, responsibilities, and compensation from the outset.

The Importance of Streamlining Your Contract Templates

Utilizing free Google Docs contract templates not only saves time but also ensures the creation of legally sound agreements. Whether you need automation, expert design, or specific contractual provisions, these templates provide the tools necessary for effective contract management. Equip yourself with these resources to handle various transaction types confidently and professionally.

Whether it’s Portant’s automated contract template offering seamless eSigning and automation or Template.net’s meticulously crafted contracts by legal experts, each template brings unique benefits to the table, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

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