Expedite Data Cleaning and CRM Imports with Coefficient and AI

Last Modified: August 21, 2023 - 3 min read

Hannah Recker
Clean and Update Salesforce Data in Google Sheets

Cleaning and transforming data is time-consuming, even for the most seasoned professionals. It becomes even more complex and time-consuming without coding skills, which requires significant manual effort – or involving the Data Team, further delaying time to insight.

But what if there was a more efficient way to clean your data? A method that could simplify the process, save time, and allow you to push your cleaned data back to your CRM–all within your spreadsheet?

This blog will demonstrate how to use Coefficient and AI to streamline your data-cleaning process within Google Sheets. You’ll learn how to transform and upload your data directly into Salesforce.

Step-by-Step Guide: Clean and Update Salesforce Data in Google Sheets

Coefficient is a free Google Sheets add-on that allows you to connect your business systems to Google Sheets and sync real-time data into your spreadsheet.

Before you start cleaning your data, install Coefficient.

Open Google Sheets. Click Extensions in the top ribbon and select ‘Add-ons’ -> ‘Get add-ons.’

install coefficient from the google workspace marketplace

Input “Coefficient” in the Google Workspace Marketplace search menu and select the Coefficient app.

select the coefficient data connector from the screen

Click ‘Allow’ to grant Coefficient access to your Google account.  

grant coefficient permissions to your account

Wait a few moments for the installation to complete, then return to your spreadsheet menu.

Now we’re ready to start cleaning our dataset. 

Wondering how to export your Salesforce data to Google Sheets? Click the link for a full tutorial.

In this example, we wish to separate the ‘Full Name’ column into ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ and change the email addresses into a more uniform format.  

separate name into first and last and clean emails

Start by opening Coefficient and select ‘GPT Copilot.’

select gpt copilot from the coefficient menu

Click ‘Formula Builder.’

Describe the formula you want the formula builder to create: “Write a formula that splits the first and last name into two separate columns from a full name in cell A2.”

Click ‘Build.’

describe the formula you want to build

Copy the output and paste it into the empy cell.

paste formula into an empty cell

Drag the cell down the column to apply it to each row.

apply the formula to the entire column

Next, let’s clean up the email addresses using the ‘GPTX Edit’ function.

Type in the following formula in the empty cell in column E:

=GPTX_EDIT(D2:D11,”Remove spaces and return all in lowercase letters”

use a gptx function to clean the emails

Hit enter on your keyboard to apply the function to the entire column.

apply the function to the entire column

Now that the data is clean, it’s time to upload it to Salesforce.

Coefficient Excel Google Sheets Connectors
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To open Coefficient, click on Extensions -> Coefficient -> Launch.

launch coefficient to upload the cleaned data to salesforce

Select ‘Export to…’

Select ‘Salesforce.’

Select the tab and header row. In this example, Row 1.

choose your header row

Click ‘Next.’

click next

Choose ‘Contact’ as your object from the dropdown.

select contact as your object

Select ‘Insert’ from the action dropdown and click next.

choose insert from the dropdown

Verify your fields are mapped properly and click ‘Next.’ In this example, we have First Name, Last Name, and Cleaned Email.

map your fields to first name, last name , and email

Click ‘Export.’

click the export button

Select ‘All rows on sheet’ and click next.

insert all the rows on your sheet

Confirm the data you wish to export by clicking the ‘Insert 10 rows to Salesforce’ button.

confirm the number of rows is correct

And in just few clicks, you’ve used Coefficient and GPT in sheets to clean your data and export it to Salesforce!

return to your sheet to verify your cleaned data exported correctly

Clean Your Data in No Time With Coefficient and GPT

Coefficient and ChatGPT functionality inside of spreadsheets makes data management easier than ever before. Not only does it allow you to sync live Salesforce data to Google Sheets, but it also closes the loop enabling you to update Salesforce (or other CRM like HubSpot) directly from your spreadsheet, creating a seamless, bidirectional data flow.

Get started for free today to discover how Coefficient can streamline your analyses.

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