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Coefficient and Supermetrics Connect Data.Β  That’s where similarities end.

Join over 350,000 GTM professionals who use Coefficient to connect data to Google Sheets and Excel. It's simple, reliable, and significantly more budget-friendly alternative to Supermetrics.

Discover Firsthand Why Coefficient Is the Best Supermetrics Alternative for Marketers

The customer support staff are rude, unresponsive and unwilling to assist you if you’d like to request a cancellation and refund. I’ve already convinced four of my colleagues to drop this horrendous tool.

Luis Marrero Stealth Media Marketing

We were once a happy customer, but having a cancellation button with no functionality ended up us not having canceled “on time”. Despite the fact that this very button shouldn’t be there since Aug 2022. Very sad.

Maximilian Renoth Faaren GmbH

It was relatively easy to set up but I found that not all records were being extracted (no filters were applied at all) and I contacted support, who said they would get their developers to look into the issue but that was weeks ago and I’ve not heard anything.

Dane Krambergar MYNDUP

Don’t give Supermetrics your credit card details. They have refused to cancel my subscription despite my requests for the last 9 months. No response from their support team.

Sam McKnoulty Merge Marketing

Honestly, my entire experience with this company has been frustrating. After signing up for their service, we haven’t received any support on how to set up the service and have had one problem after another with this solution.

Gabby Dickert Good Commerce

Too expensive.

Alfie Gomez Perez Digital Marketer

So expensive and still need to do some reports manually. We measure Google Ads campaigns with HubSpot, and Supermetrics didn’t have these fields integrated, you have to pay for the GSheets which is more expensive.

Daniela Duhart Intugo

Overall, the connector itself works well and has plenty of data points available. What I would like more, is guidance articles on how to create various reporting options, and also more “human” error messages would be great.

Olli-Joonas Juuso Boehringer Ingelheim

Slow syncing, not good for daily tracking. Although the connector is easy to use, everything went south with bad contact syncing.

Castellanos, J. Digital Marketer

Free trial ended too quickly.

Melissa Roy Spectum Reach

Recently had challenges with the support team. These were finally rectified, but I had to note my frustration with the instruction I was being given and finally a third representative provided clear instruction and the problem was rectified within minutes. Also, the price of Supermetrics has increased greatly over the years.

Ken Schaefer Digital Marketer

Poor data connectivity & shady business practices. The grandfathered price we had was very affordable (before they 10x’d their pricing).

William Glade AVB Marketing

This tool is easy to use and provides a unique way to provide ad hoc data to stakeholders without creating an entire dashboard and having the data refresh over a period of time! Love it.

Zachery McDougall Crumbl Cookies

Incredible piece of work. Hasn’t failed me since I started using it this year. Saved me hours of mindless copy and pasting work. Made my life so much easier when working on reports across multiple platforms.

Josh Lucas MedGrocer

A very helpful tool to import and combine data from different e.g. Search Console and Analytics. Also the automated data refreshing is nice. Easy to use and saves a lot of time!

Casper Kuijpers Parkos

Easy to use and so far it has been amazing.

Amy Broxterman Social Native

Very straightforward and has allowed me to seamlessly connect and refresh datasets without touching a thing once it is all set up.

Casey Hammond Home Chef

Wow! What an amazing plugin – it has leveled up our reporting game completely. Highly recommend.

Robin Daultani upfeat

This tool is a game changer. OMG you need to get it ASAP. Saved me months of work.

James Grew Altiaintel

Such a great tool, try it out cause it will power-up the workflow completely!

Adelina Burlacu Responsibly

What Coefficient has created is simply superb. From first sight on their website all the way through to installation and first use I have been stunned by how intuitive this tool is. The possibilities seem endless.

Malcolm Cooper Digital Marketer

I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the experience was seamless and efficient. The user-friendly interface of Coefficient made the setup process a breeze.

Rodrigo Alonso Zyla Labs

Importing data is a breeze; it’s the shortcut I never knew I needed. Easy to use, easy on the eyes. What really blows my mind is the analytics part – tons of functions and algorithms. I feel like a data superhero making decisions backed by solid insights.

Sagar K. Turno

I used to spend an hour updating sheets so that others had access to real time data. Coefficient does it all on it’s own even several times a day if I need. Saves me so much time to focus on real issues instead of manually updating sheets.

Ashleigh Kennedy Vroom

Makes life so much easier when you have to analyze the same set of data over and over again. No additional pulls, and can easily pair with data from other sources. Has definitely changed the game.

Noel Myers Solv Health

Coefficient Outperforms Supermetrics Across Every Review Site

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Hubspot Marketplace
Salesforce AppExchange
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- Google Workspace
Hubspot Marketplace
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4 Reasons Coefficient is the Best Supermetrics Alternative


15+ tiers depending on your data’s destination with a 14-day free trial.

Plans typically start at $99/mo for 10 data sources to $579/mo for 60 data sources and beyond.

Use and Reliability

Steeper learning curve. Many new users report challenges setting up their connectors, which results in inaccurate reporting.

Customer Support

Customers report slow response time, often waiting weeks for issue resolution.


Requires paid integrations for reporting tools like Looker Studio, adding to costs.

4 simple tiers, including a Free Plan.

Paid plans range from $49/month toΒ  $99/user/month. Enterprise plan pricing is available on request.

Use and Reliability

It’s easy as point, click, and go to automatically (and reliably) sync live data into your Connected Spreadsheet.

Customer Support

World-class customer support when you need it ensures minimal downtime.


Access a robust library of free dashboard templates. Connect your data sources with a click and share reports with all your team for free.

Coefficient Powers Spreadsheets Across Companies of All Sizes

Because syncing live business data to spreadsheets should be simple, reliable, and cost-effective for anyone.

How Mutiny Automated Reporting and Found Peace of Mind with Coefficient

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